[13 images] Rain check: All around town (in China, that is). Is he off to work already?

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

7/3. This fan posted on Weibo that they saw Rain off to work on the new Chinese TV drama Endless August today. He certainly looked dressed for something business-casual… maybe the script reading? Or full-fledged filming? It is 7:15 pm in Shanghai as of this posting. ^@@^ (Images credit: 郑爱晶晶 @ Weibo)




7/2. A fan was thrilled to come upon Rain unexpectedly yesterday afternoon at the Nike Store on Huaihai Road (a major shopping street in Shanghai). Well, hey, we know how he likes them kicks, and Nikes are at the top of the list. 🙂 ^@@^ (Images credited as tagged)




7/1. Rain at Studio Geek in Changning District, Shanghai. ^@@^ (Image credit: 火柴柴_Just-for-you @ Weibo)



7/1. Okay, so…. what is this BOY LONDON poster found hanging in the port city of Dalian, China, all about? July 3, 9, 10? *shrug* Time will tell (or not). ^@@^ (Image credited as tagged)


In the meantime, here’s another look at Rain and boy band Snuper at the BOY LONDON 2016 Fall/Winter Fashion Show in Beijing back on June 20. As far as I know, girl groups Stellar and Lovelyz were also there. ^@@^ (Images credit: snuper6 @ Weibo / R.A.I.N. Company / eNews24)
















~ by Cloud USA on July 3, 2016.

4 Responses to “[13 images] Rain check: All around town (in China, that is). Is he off to work already?”

  1. Thanks for sharing , je ne savais pas que les chinois avait bloquer l’exportation du drama , c’est nul , ils ne pensent pas aux autres fans !!

    Temps pis attendons The Squall , au moins avec Notre Rain c’est une valeur sur 😉


  2. Gee, I wanted so much to see Diamond Lover, but I hope he is not working with that group on this new venture. The Chinese, unlike Korean producers know when they have a good thing. They are shrewd wheeler/dealers but I believe they are dealing with an even shrewder business man ( who has been tempered in fire).

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  3. Does anyone know where to watch Diamond Lover (I’ve been waiting forever because DramaFever said some time ago that they would have it) and any of his other Chinese dramas? *pouting so hard*


    • Hi, Beez. The only reason that Diamond Lover (his 1st Chinese drama) hasn’t shown up properly on DF or other sites is because the drama’s producers promised to license it to folks on this side of the world after it completely ran its course in China, but then they went back on their word. Ugh! Without it being licensed here, no one can show it on their site or sub it, and will be in a hot mess of legal trouble if they do.

      Folks would have paid top dollar to get those permissions here, so I don’t know what China’s problem is and it makes me so mad because I took them at their word. 😦 So, seeing as I don’t condone pirating because that means Rain gets cheated and not paid for his work, here I sit, irritated but with no recourse. >_<

      Honestly, after I heard what went on behind the scenes, I'm not sure I want to watch it anyway (maybe the first half, but after that… ?). In the last third of the drama, Rain starts appearing less and less, and that's because he signed on for 40 episodes, the whole drama, but then the Powers behind the show got the bright idea to extend the drama for 20 more episodes because it was getting millions of viewers, Rain was like, Sorry but I've got concerts and I've got stuff. I can't be canceling my stuff. I'm out on the day I said I'm out. The Powers went on with the extra episodes anyway and had to work without him, which kind of screwed the plot and the ending up. Let's just say the Chinese Clouds who were watching it were not happy with those episodes OR with the ending.

      The good thing is it was such a hit with billions of views that Chinese viewers really like Rain and were also pissed by the ending out of left field.

      So, I'm not even sure how I feel about it anymore. *sigh*

      I think at one point fans tried to sub a few episodes on YouTube, but it got to be too tedious and way too hard.

      Stephe ^@@^


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