6 Responses to “[account][10 images] The Squall Beijing Global Birthday Event for Rain. (6/18)”

  1. 😀


  2. This is wonderful Stephe, glad all Clouds were represented. Not sure if RainRain sends out a general “thank you” to all Clouds, It my be a lot on RainRain, but I think he should send a shout out to each Cloud group. Also thank you Terrie and Stephe for representing us. You ladies do so much and deserve a big hug and thanks 👏🏾🤗 💐🌹😀

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    • You’re welcome, Robin.

      Unless he mentions a specific country, Rain does feel grateful to all of his Clouds all over the world and includes us in his thanks. I do agree with you, though — specific thanks would be nice and very special sometimes. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Hi Stephe thanks for sharing the Birthday Surprise for Rain. But I can not help but feel he is being cheated. The powers that be, that govern such things are acting like kdramas wicked mother/mother in laws. The international fans must depend on the cooperation of the surrogates of the China and Korean fan clubs. I am beginning to wonder if he is getting a true picture of how many fans and how much he is loved internationally. there was a few posts on the official Cloud world site concerning gifts and messages sent but not received. I am sorry for the rant but I hate to see so much effort wasted and he is not receiving it.


    • Hi, Libbie. I must admit the shenanigans that went on with the venue authorities behind the scenes in Beijing pissed me off, but I do believe it was more of a cultural thing… we’re talking about China, after all… :/

      However, I feel that Rain is getting his gifts. Hundreds of fans send him gifts and cards and letters, and R.A.I.N. Co isn’t a big corporation but a small management company for Rain only, intimate and personal. God only knows how many employees they’d have to hire and how many hours of the day it would take to confirm receipt with fans for every gift he gets. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it, Lol~ I think that might be why R.A.I.N. Co has begun blogging this year about gifts from the long-standing and larger fan groups out there — to assure people that they take all gifts to Rain seriously whether they say so or not.

      Terri and I have always gotten some kind of confirmation after sending a gift(s) for the Cloud USA membership, so far.

      As far as I know, Rain’s management is very careful when it comes to holding his gifts for him until he can get to the office to see them. But it’s near impossible to send out thousands of individual confirmations like that… I’m pretty sure the big companies (JYPE, YG, SM, etc.) don’t even do that. Rain even tweeted himself once that hundreds of times a day he wished he could shout-out mentions, but it would be all he’d be doing all day long in that case instead of working, and that he appreciates everyone for thinking of him and sending him support…

      No apologies necessary. This is a safe place for rants and to get things off your chest because they’re much better that way.^^

      I really don’t think you have anything to worry about, though. After 14 years in showbiz and at 34 years old, Rain is a smart cookie, smarter than people realize. And he does know where a lot of his fans are. He even used to use Twitter apps out of curiosity, that cracked me up. Cute Lol~ Here’s one (https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/tweets-abound-do-you-know-where-your-followers-are/). My favorite one, though, was when he tweeted that Asian fans liked his short hair and USA fans liked his long hair, and he chuckled. 🙂

      Like I said, you’re very welcome and apologies not necessary. Fans need a place to not only express joy, but to constructively vent their feelings as well without being attacked.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • When I first started following his career 7 years ago, I wondered that same thing. I think for a while, he probably had no clue of his mass appeal. Although now, like Stephe said, he’s so much more involved in all aspects of social media. I think he is much more aware now of just how widespread his fan base really is.

      Now if we can only get him to leave Asia for a little bit…..that would be Gravy! SMILES…………………..


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