[21 images][1 GIF] Rain check.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


9/27/2015. The King of K-Pop wearing The King of Rock and Roll (doesn’t that look like Elvis?): At Luke’s Lobster in Tokyo. On the hunt for something good to eat! As I understand it, this was last fall… ^@@^ (Images credited as tagged)



6/22. Rain interviewed by Japanese magazine Hallyu Pia [韓流ピア7月号] July 2016. (Image credit: keyukita @ IG)


6/20. Getting the heck out of Dodge, as I understand it, after The Squall Beijing and the Boy London fashion show. He is one long, tall drink of water, ain’t he? ^@@^ (Images credited as tagged)



6/17. Rain arrives in Beijing for The Squall Beijing concert stop, via Bejing Airport. (Images credited as tagged)




6/16, 6/18. Restaurant co-owner and lifestyle branding consultant Noh Hee Young was pretty serious about getting together with friends and acquaintances last week, including Rain, G-Dragon, and Kim Sung Soo, to name a few. (Images credit: hino2033 @ IG)



6/14. Fresh commercial ads and consumer event notice by Chinese sponsor LOVO Home. (Credits: Luolai World T-Mall / mp.weixin.qq.com)

















~ by Cloud USA on June 22, 2016.

6 Responses to “[21 images][1 GIF] Rain check.”

  1. Knowing me I would approach slowly and ask for an autograph. I did that when I saw Missy Elliot. She was cool about it.
    Wow, I’m imaging approaching RainRain; I am so nervous right now and he is a million miles away in Japan 🙂 lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Missy Elliott is soooooooo chill. Love her! ❤

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I agree with you regarding “the approach”……proceed with caution is always best. Years ago I was at an event where Loretta Devine was and my approach was right and wrong. I was with my Dad’s wife at the time and she saw Loretta first and urged me to go over. She’s old school and didn’t get that you don’t approach celebs when they are eating and I had stars in my eyes that l lost all train of thought. However, I approached with such stealth like precision, she almost didn’t see me. I hunched down by her chair and I whispered for an autograph. I told her my name, she smiled and said “Dee, you gone start something right now” (referring to me coming over while she was eating. I said, “Oh no, no not me…Thank you so much!” I left her table just as stealthily as I approached. No one else in the crowd stirred at that time. Mission accomplished….at least I felt. SMILES.

      If I thought for one second I could be at a place to approach Rain in that same stealth like manner, I would SO do it, although not while he’s eating. The problem is people go nuts the minute they see him and by default they stir the rest of the surrounding crowd. Me?? I wouldn’t alert anybody else to his presence At All. I would have my moment free and clear, cause goodness knows it would only be just that….a moment. LOL. Yes, selfish I know….but….in my defense….a fan only has about 2 seconds to make that move. I want no extra distractions. You can only pray the circumstances are right so you can do it. Oh and yes, I would also be nervous as hell. SMILES…………………


  2. Just wanted to say Rain is consistently great both in his singing/dancing/acting as well as in his character. We, my family and I, wish he would have more concerts in America, he is well loved here!


  3. Yes ! Moi aussi il m’a sembler reconnaître The king of rock’nroll 🙂

    Et cette photo avec Rain puis GD qu’elle chance T_T


  4. Wow! Thanks Guys 🙂 I’m not sure what to do if I saw him walking around lol! He is a head turner indeed!Hugz to Cloud USA!


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