[11 images][Eng trans] Rain’s interview in Japanese magazine 韓国TVドラマ (Korean TV Drama) Vol. 73. (6/6)

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~ by Cloud USA on June 16, 2016.

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  1. 🙂 Oh, another thing I’ve been looking for since summer 🙂 There is that Japanese TV interview (DATV?) on youtube, without any subs, not even Chinese on youku, and this seems to be similar – I only got that he was talking quite in depth about the character from Come back, mister… so I think it might be related to this written text? Anyway, thank you for this, very interesting! I am touched even more, when I know what he thinks about this drama. I like it a lot, especially the second half (where he tries to seduce his wife :-)), and the end. And I was really impressed by Rain’s acting as Kim Young-soo, he really changed into that actor, lol.


  2. Thank You for all that you do for your fellow Clouds. I am a 66 yr old woman who has always had a passion for the arts. I was blessed to be able to work thru an international wardrobe union in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love what I do. I now live in beautiful Southern Oregon to be near my family. In 2012 my health was declining and I found myself streaming TV most of the day. I was fading away and getting ready for my BIG BANG but I discovered Hulu and thought I would watch a little foreign romance titled A Love to Kill. What? Not your light Harlequin romance here. I was hooked on Korean entertainment but most of all Rain. I give him and all that he is credit for saving my life. I survived with a cardiac bypass. I took my computer with me and shared Rain with the staff and told them I did the surgery for family first and so I could go to Korea. They laughed. The next phase of my journey is so much richer for my Korean experience. Oh! My handsome dentist Dr. Kim (from Korea) talks Bi and Big Bang with me and SooAh in Medford is the only authentic Korean in So Oregon for great food. Paul the owner shares food culture and language with me. Rain is on my bucket list and I am proud to be a Cloud. CAMSAHMNIDA

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    • Pamela,


      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your amazingly touching story. ♥ We’re thrilled that you discovered Rain and that you somehow found your way to us here at Cloud USA.

      As for what we do here at Cloud USA, it is our pleasure. We just hope it makes your days a little brighter.

      Terri :-}


  3. This Rain interview, which happened in Korea, well after his military service, in particular scared the crap out of me even more so than others, because when he got out on the street, people thronged so hard to get near him that it became unsafe and the TV host almost shut the whole thing down so no one would get hurt! Rain had to be scared as a mutha, hoping there wasn’t a stampede, but also grateful for everyone’s support and attention as well, not to mention the security. He’s very used to this kind of thing whenever he’s seen out, but this one was out of control. Whew!

    This is English subbed, and I really enjoyed the whole Rain segment from start to finish, especially when he’s interacting with the fans, and answering questions in a quieter place. Fun!^^

    He’s just soooo “unpopular”, right, netizens? ahahaha

    Stephe ^@@^


    • What is it about him in this interview? I’ve mostly seen older interviews from when he was younger on youtube. He seems like a different person. Maybe because he’s older? Super confident? (Not that he ever appeared lacking in confidence but I always thought he was more subdued than this. Even while watching his reality show RainEffect, he was relaxed in that but it was different somehow.) I can’t explain what I think I’m seeing. lol


  4. Wow! I’m a new fan and this guy makes me like him more & more through his actions and words! WOW! 🙂

    By the way, I think that less people attend in his concert. Is it true?!!! Because I saw number of attending people in his previous concerts and it was more and they all sold out. Is it just my imagination or is it true?! 😦


    • Hi, Mary. It was a terrific interview, wasn’t it? 🙂

      Yes, less people are attending Rain’s concerts these days, but not a whole lot less. And there’s a reason why. He’s aged out of being a K-Pop idol that teenagers and some 20-somethings like to follow. That pretty much happens to everybody at some point. But the good news is that 1) his singing and concert career is still going strong and he still sells out of tickets, 2) his star is so big now that he doesn’t have to prove himself in the idol arena anymore, he’s on a whole other level anyway, and 3) he’s in a transitional part of his career now where his fan base (still huge) is shifting. He will continue to reinvent himself and evolve with his music and get brand new groups of fans that he didn’t have before to add to his diehard fans, with his handsome, sexy self.

      Rain is nowhere near done, and the public is nowhere near done with him either. No worries! 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I am so very glad and impressed with how smart a young man Rain is. While I thought he was super fine back in the day (based on videos I’ve seen) with his hip hop look; his bleached hair (Rain’s Coming); pop idol hair (Love Song, etc.); sexy long hair (Ninja Assassin and In My Bed) – I love that he has always mixed up his style and now that he’s maturing, he’s wise enough to know that to try to hold onto any particular past look dates a person in the worst way possible. Leave those styles behind for the imitators that followed him.

        I don’t think he’ll ever grow stale or be stagnant. He shown in interviews that he’s smart enough to know who his audience is and not pander to a teenybop crowd (although I have seen some of them in his audiences as well). Most American stars never seemed to embrace of their fanbase became a certain age and then they ruined their careers by trying to get that teen-tween fan which music them alienated their original (now older) fans. I’ve heard him acknowledge the age growth of his fans and say that they’ve “grown with” him.

        But pandering to any group never wins popularity so I’m glad he’s not about that but rather his sincerity always comes through.


  5. Such a beautiful person, full of life, great interview. Thanks for sharing Stephe

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  6. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading the interview.

    Rain listed the order in which he wants to film dramas, does anyone know why Korea is last?

    (I’m getting quite frustrated waiting to see the dramas that were filmed outside Korea. Besides which, I hate hearing him dubbed.)


    • Perhaps because it’s the point in his career where he’s done so much in Korea, and pretty much dominated Korea in his first decade and it’s time to expand as much as he can outside the country, earn that world star name even more. I remember an old interview where he said he wanted to enter the movie and TV markets in several countries, as many as he could. JMHO

      Stephe ^@@^


      • The reason that caught my attention is, I’ve seen a couple of people comment in the responses on this site about how badly Rain is treated in Korea, or maybe he/she was referring to Korean media. I had never heard that before and Rain making a point of saying “in that order”, made me wonder just how bad is the situation.


        • Sorry, Beez, I had to go offline earlier before I could finish everything I wanted to say about this…

          If there is one thing I’ve realized about Rain, it’s that he will never forsake South Korea, particularly publicly. One thing he’s been very steadfast on is South Korean citizens and Korean fans making him what he is today and how grateful he is to them for that. He also seems to prefer being referred to as South Korean or Korean rather than Asian, and wanting his work to benefit his home country. He is a very proud South Korean. Now, that said — in my honest and humble opinion, South Korea should treat him better than they do. He’s the one that brought the whole world to their doorstep to begin with, for pete’s sake.

          It’s sort of a weird, complicated situation. Let me explain.

          After closely observing the Rain/Korea dynamic for the past 7 years, I do believe without doubt that the general Korean populace really do adore him because of all he has done to bring notice to their country. A friend of mine was in S.Korea recently and got the chance to speak to young and older folks who lived in the area, and they all said the same thing — that no one has done what Rain has for Korea and that no one even comes close (their own words). Also, whenever he appears on the street, bedlam occurs. Throngs of people come from everywhere to see what he’s doing and to walk with him, give him encouragement. That even happened after that military crap — people closed up shop and came to see him. So, that’s why I always say that the Korean media and K-netizens are full of bulls*** because they would have people believe South Korea hates Rain when that’s obviously not true. They talk out of their asses as if they are the pulse of the nation when they’re not. ROFL~ Not even.

          So, I’m not saying the country is against him or have written him off in any way. (He got HUGE points for going into the military when his name is as big as it is.) What I am saying, though, is that I feel Korea (not talking about his fans or Clouds) could do a better job supporting him in the manner he deserves.

          His TV dramas and movies in theaters should get more support. If they were terrible, I wouldn’t say that, no matter how much of a fan I am. Bad is bad. But the projects he’s done in the past 10 years, say, have been pretty good and gone on to do very well in other countries, even winning prestigious awards. So what’s Korea’s problem? *shrug* When he went to Los Angeles to accept an MTV Movie Award, the first South Korean to do so ever, the country just about exploded in celebration. Okay, so support your boy at home too, please. And stop being so accepting of news outlets that are less interested in reporting real news and more interested in sensationalism and witch hunts that get them ratings.

          I remember with great sadness several interviews where Rain was talking about a certain reporter who, no matter how hard he worked or how well he did, never failed to write something negative and disparaging about him, and that he couldn’t for the life of him understand what the man had against him. He just couldn’t figure it. He also said that because Korea and his fans had accepted him at debut, supported him, and helped make him who he was today when they could have turned away, they had the right to also criticize him and he paid attention to what they said. But that the mean-spirited stuff that was for no reason weighed heavily on him. He looked so sad. (Someone close to him had said that he didn’t sleep a lot of the time over those articles.)

          Anyways, you asked why was Korea last on that list in the interview. Rain would have to be made of stone to not be irritated by Korea’s indifference to him sometimes (heck, maybe his star is so far UP in the stratosphere that they just don’t think they need to do anything anymore, who knows). BUT. Even with disappointment in his heart, this guy would NEVER say anything bad about South Korea out of his mouth or even a hint of something bad, particularly in another country. No way in hell. Not happening. So I’m of a mind that what I said in my first response is what he meant, because that has always been a goal of his as well — conquering the markets in other countries. He’s made that crystal clear before.

          SORRY for the long response. Some of these issues just aren’t things you can talk about in a paragraph or two! LOL! 😉

          Stephe ^@@^

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          • Stephe, no, I appreciate the detailed response. Especially since I’m sure you have to repeat it to every nimbus newbie that comes along.

            I’m so glad you gave me some context to put his comments (and other Clouds’ comments’) into.


  7. Thanks for sharing! This interview shows the kind of a person Rain is.
    And believe me, when I tell you He is extremely charming and very natural. You will want to take him home and cuddle him all day. lol! Love you Guys!


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