[caps][fan cam][Eng trans] That’s the facts, Jack: The truth of Rain’s statement at The Squall Macao. (6/4)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Fan cam with Japanese subs. (Credit: kyoshime @ YT.)

English translation credit: Sonya / English and Korean caps: Terry Yu)







~ by Cloud USA on June 13, 2016.

10 Responses to “[caps][fan cam][Eng trans] That’s the facts, Jack: The truth of Rain’s statement at The Squall Macao. (6/4)”

  1. Quand bien même il aurai dit Kim Tae Hee est importante pour lui en live , qu’est ce que cela peut faire à ses personnes malsaines ??

    Car dans sa phrase c’est un peu ce qu’il dit :

    1er La famille , comme tout a chacun , on grandi avec notre famille et elle est importante

    2 eme Sa petite amie ( pour Rain Kim Tae Hee ) pour d’autre leur petite amie ou petit ami , qui deviendra peut être un mari ou une femme

    Cela est normale , pourquoi ses mauvaise personnes disent que c’est mal , ce qu’il a dit ? Moi j’ai trouver cela sympas

    Si vous êtes fan vous l’encourager dans ce qu’il fait , mais quand on voit les résultats de son drama en corée c’est très décevant , ses personnes qui parlent sur lui devrai le soutenir dans ses projet , pas le dénigrer à chaque fois

    Moi J’AIME RAIN comme il est , et du moment qu’il est heureux avec Kim Tae Hee , je suis heureuse pour lui .

    Désolé pour ce long commentaire , mais c’est vrai que la réaction de certain fan m’a saoulé , elles commencent vraiment à me prendre la tête , qu’elle se mêle de ce qui se passe chez eux au lieu de parler sur les autres ….

    Mais merci pour la bonne traduction , toujours du super boulot 😉

    Prenez soin de vous et à bientôt ❤


  2. Thanks for clearing this up Stephe. I wasn’t sure what to think. I too thought it was a language thing.


  3. You know…..honestly….the whole thing was funny to me. Funny in a “how-stupid-is-this-mess” kinda way.

    What celebrity would ever just put their significant other’s name in the press, all on “front street” like that? Huh? None. That’s what made me say to myself, who the hell would believe he said that anyway? But……that’s just me….thinking out loud…and clearly a lot of people must have if Rain is pissed. SMILES……………


    • The Allkpop article alone was shared/re-posted by people over 40,000 times, so I can’t imagine the full scope and scale of how far that news traveled overall. Ugh. And like you said, what celebrity does that anyway (unless they’re married or whatnot)? *SMH* ^@@^


      • Honestly, even after all these years I’m still amazed at what gets a rise out of fans….like seriously. You know, with what’s going on in the world in recent months/weeks/days….a singer possibly saying or not (in Rain’s case Not) the name of their girlfriend…………..

        Shared 40,000 times?? Really?? Again, just my thoughts


        • @bialamode – you are 100% right! But I must say, as a person who only discovered Rain in 2014 (I’ve missed so much *sob*), I’m glad to know he is still so popular. For a while, it seems like I’d come on board just as his popularity was waning (probably because he had been away in the military). So to know fans are still so interested in whatever he says and does makes me happy that hopefully I have many more years to enjoy his work.


  4. This is the second time I’ve seen a “truth about what Rain said”. What was he accused of saying?


    • Well, some reporters based in Hong Kong (as I understand it) who were at Rain’s concert in Macao on the 4th wrote articles saying he talked about his girlfriend Kim Tae Hee while on stage. They quoted him as saying the most important things in his life are his family, Kim Tae Hee, and the CEO of his agency, in that order. Which is a FAR cry from what he really said, as you can see in this post.

      Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems with Rain dating, and I like Kim Tae Hee. They’re a great match. He’s a grown man in his 30s and after sacrificing so many years for his career and us fans, he has a right to a personal life (about time!). If he’s happy, I’m happy. BUT. Few things make me madder than his words being misconstrued and his privacy invaded and spread all over creation as fact. Of course, “rags” like Allkpop and the like grabbed hold of the story and helped spread it too, all for the views and “clicks” they got. I heard that Rain was pretty upset about the whole thing. 😦 He doesn’t talk about his personal life in public in any way. One of the things he has feared for a long time is the woman he dates getting physically or mentally hurt by people because she’s with him, not to mention his relationship being ruined because of pressures from the press (which I believe has happened before). So even before what he said was cleared up, I was like no way did he say something like that on stage. !!

      I just wanted to be sure to have something on the blog to set the record straight for anyone who happened upon the matter either now or in the future.

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Ahhh. I see. Stephe, thanks for clarifying. I was wondering after the first post but managed to tuck in my curiosity, but after the second post, I was overcome with wanting to know. 🙂

        Do you think it could’ve been a lost-in-translation type of error of Korean-Japanese-English? Or just typical gossip rags need to generate rumors?


        • I’m not sure. It could have been lost-in-translation when it came to the Hong Kong reporters, maybe… but I will bet dollars to donuts that the Korean Media wrote what they wanted to write, with everyone else following suit to pass the rumor at his expense. Poor Rain. 😦 But hey, he’s made it through worse. He’s a trooper.

          Stephe ^@@^


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