[8 images] Rain check. (Including a DATV appearance, Kim Jae Wook, Sleepy, and sushi.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

5/31. OMG! Kim Jae Wook posted a picture on his Instagram of himself, Rain, and Sleepy (Kim Sung Won) of Untouchable having a meal! I haven’t seen these three in the same pic since they were in uniform in the military together! Awesome. ❤ 🙂 ^@@^ (Credit: jaeuck.kim @IG)




5/31. Looking around for where the handsome picture below ↓ came from, I found the above ↑ announcement on the DATV Entertainment Channel’s website in Japan about a Rain interview. Here are the specifics translated:

Exclusive interview to the “Come Back, Darling/Mister!” Starring RAIN (Jung Ji Hoon)! Japan’s first broadcast
Broadcast date: July 9 (Saturday) 21: 00 ~
Rebroadcast Date: July 12 (Tuesday) 18:30
Broadcast number of times: 1
Japanese subtitled version
Providing source: ©© DATV

I pressed that big ol’ How To Watch live-stream button and it took me to a bunch of Japanese channels that are definitely not in my lineup way over here, Lol~ Maybe a Japanese Cloud will capture it for us… Well, all right, Rain. You go! 🙂 ^@@^



5/26. Rain hanging out with his dancers, I do believe! My darling Yongdeock, and Bomin Lee, I think… Nice shot. 🙂 ^@@^ (Credit: _mandudu @ IG)



5/26. Leaving Japan after The Squall, via Tokyo Airport. My, he’s so stylish. 🙂 ^@@^ (Images credit: Raincloud Hong Kong)


5/24. These images are oh, soooo handsome, aren’t they?

The thing that bugs me, though, is that they were used in a Korean news article where R.A.I.N. Company seems to be making a statement for Rain concerning tenants, building charters, false accusations and libel, legal rights and proceedings, fines and acts of defamation, and punishment and no mercy. *sigh* This probably means that Rain is having to put his foot down again with his lying, nut-job of an ex-tenant Ms. Park, a 60+ year old woman. Hopefully not. Oh well, some people just never learn. Do whatcha gotta do, Rain. (I want to know what these project these pics were taken for, though… !) ^@@^




5/23. Such a cute image of Rain and a friend’s little daughter. I don’t know who the “friend” is, but I reckon they run in the same circles. This precious little girl has also taken individual photos with the members of the legendary group g.o.d.! 🙂 ^@@^ (Credit: Shin Se Ho / zzinzzeo @IG)


~ by Cloud USA on June 2, 2016.

5 Responses to “[8 images] Rain check. (Including a DATV appearance, Kim Jae Wook, Sleepy, and sushi.)”

  1. Hi Cloud !!

    Le belle petite fille ne serait-elle pas la fille de Kim Tae Woo , je ne sais pas mais peut être ….


  2. Omg rain and my future husband, jae wook! Lol. *squeals*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hi stephe can you clarify the thing of the nut tenant? what happening there?


    • Well, Rain owns property in Seoul and back in 2010 a bunch a mess got started because this tenant decided that she would no longer pay her rent. She had merchandise or something in the space and during a rain storm (haha! no pun intended) some merchandise got water-damaged (paintings?). Rain’s building was completely up to code. He wasn’t at fault. She wanted him to pay $$$$$$$ for her stuff and pain and suffering and I don’t know what all else. Rain was like, eh, no. So she said, well I’ll just stay here forever and you won’t get a dime of rent ever again, dude. (I’m paraphrasing, sorry^^) And he was like, if you’re not gonna pay, you’ve got to leave. It’s the law. And she was like, make me.

      And so off to court they went. The courts did an investigation, uncovered the fact the TENANT’s negligence in not taking care of her space was what resulted in the damage, and then said, lady, pay your rent. And she was like, I will not! And the courts were like, then he can remove you. And she said, try it.

      And so she and her things were removed, with Rain trying to talk sense and make peace over the situation. That’s when this woman totally lost it and went on a crusade against him. She would stand on the steps of government buildings with signs saying ARREST RAIN NOW, yelling lies about how he took away her livelihood and left her destitute and maligned her good name. While he was serving in the Army, she was yelling in the streets and at police stations with these huge banners that said he raped her, robbed her, slapped her around and had a mob beat her up, and tried to sue him for all of that. The courts were like, No, he didn’t. It got so bad that the Seoul Prosecutor’s office indicted her for intentionally spreading false claims about Rain and charged her with a hefty $3000 fine. She continued to try to press false charges and the courts were like, lady, go home. She didn’t, and kept asking for trial after trial. So in 2014 Rain finally had enough and filed a lawsuit against her.

      I’m not sure what has happened since then. I guess the Korean Media got bored with it/her/whatever and let it go. *shrug* I just hope this is just a recap of the whole story and not a new flare-up. I mean honestly.

      Stephe ^@@^


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