[MV][debut clips][making of] It’s your 14th Debut Year Anniversary week, Rain. Congratulations! (4/24, 28)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


To the Man of 1000 Faces, Korea’s Magic Feet, our favorite Cover Guy, Mnet Asian Music Awards’ 2013 Man of the Moment, one of TIME’s Most Influential People this century, fashion icon, Hallyu king, MTV Biggest Badass Star, Cosmopolitan Man in the Mirror, hardest working man in show business, ninja AND assassin, spokesperson, Running Man Australia kangaroo, practical joker, reality TV star, ambassador, golfer, stuntman, actor, singer, dancer, producer, choreographer, world star, and about 100 more titles I can think of but don’t have time to write down…

Congratulations on your 15th year as an entertainer and thanks for bringing us all along on the trip with you! ❤ ^@@^

DEBUT SONG → “Bad Guy” (Nappeun Namja/나쁜 남자) from his debut album n001. Adorable! Pop those joints ta def, Baby Bi. 🙂

4/24/2002. KM Music Tank. Rain’s 1st official TV performance as singer 비. ↓

4/28/2002. SBS Inkigayo. Rain’s 1st official TV performance competing against other artists on a chart show. ↓

Making of the “Bad Guy” music video. ↓

“Bad Guy” full MV from 5/13/2002. (Source: Rain’s Official YouTube Channel) ↓


~ by Cloud USA on April 24, 2016.

2 Responses to “[MV][debut clips][making of] It’s your 14th Debut Year Anniversary week, Rain. Congratulations! (4/24, 28)”

  1. Wow, 15 years, good for our RainRain. All the best🎉👏🏾😀💦🍾


  2. I can’t let this moment pass without wishing you a happy Debut anniversary Sweetness! Forgive us for being a little distracted, as the sudden loss of one of entertainment’s legendary icons (His Purple Majesty Prince) has shaken many of us.

    I, along with many others were teens at the height of his career and it brought back many, many memories of our youth. To the extent that we could, we had to pay our respects also while traveling down memory lane. However, you are just as important to us as fans as well. So here’s to another 15 years and beyond Honey Bi.

    And I hope to see you soon in the U.S. (*like….for real*). Dee is still waiting……SMILES!


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