[29 images][Insta cam][Eng trans] Instagrams abound: 비 wants you to see…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

CUSAWeiIGTwitterHere is a recap of Rain’s posts on his social media from mid-February up to now, for those of you who might have missed some of them! (You can also see some of them them by scrolling down the home page of the official R.A.I.N. Company website HERE.)

This is what he’s wanted all of you to see… 🙂 ^@@^

(Images credit: rain_oppa @IG / 29rain @Twitter / RAIN-JIHOON @Weibo. These links are Rain’s REAL personal accounts. ^@@^)

4/3. Instagram. Ah! An April 2011 shot of himself and Bruno Mars at the Time 100 Gala in the NYC. Oh, the memories! Still so proud of him! 🙂 “ke ke ke…” ^@@^


3/31. Instagram. A sweet shot with 10 year old child actor Lee Re, who plays his daughter on Come Back, Mister. ❤ “Cute cute… my daughter” ^@@^


3/29. Instagram. This is what really happy cast mates look like. Aw ❤ #Greatfriends ^@@^


3/19. Instagram. His Rainy Day era crew. Love this! Hongshi, Gori (Big K), SangQ, NamYong, all so young, aw. ❤ “2005” ^@@^


3/17. Instagram. He thanked super fan club Benamoo for the food and beverage support they provided him and his cast mates on the Come Back, Mister set with this picture of his pretend family enjoying the goodies. ❤ “Benamoo thank you^^~ Today at 10” ^@@^


3/17. Instagram. OMG! The Rainy Day era 2005, 11 years ago, cornrows and all, ready to go on stage! *scream* ❤ ❤ There’s NamYoung, SeongTak, and SangQ, so young! (I think you made a little typo there, Rain, how many years?^^) “15 years ago… first concert~ #rainyday #tongbaji #jjijgaseum #jeongseongtag #bagnam-yong #changhunhyong #kkigwang-i #gimgyusang #choebogyu #gimhwayeong. I miss it~” ^@@^


3/16. Instagram. Talking about Come Back, Mister… 🙂 “It’s at 9:55 tonight^^” #sbs #doljeossi ^@@^


3/13. Instagram. He thanked super fan club DC Rain Gall for the food and beverage support they provided for him, the cast, and the crew on the CBM set. ❤ “Rain Gallery… thank you” ^@@^


3/5. Instagram. Ready to make his entrance! SEE his video on IG by CLICKING this link → https://www.instagram.com/p/BCky6u1JSp9/?taken-by=rain_oppa “Today is the day of the concert… in Hangzhou.” #concert #rain #thesquall ^@@^


3/2. Instagram. With Lee Min Jung and Yoon Park. “Please look forward to tonight Episode 3~” #ComeBackMister ^@@^


3/2. Replacement for the other pair, perhaps? Or not. Just guessing. 🙂 “ha ha ha Thanks…” ^@@^


2/29. The South Korean flag, dirtied and worn. ❤ ^@@^


2/25. Instagram. Maybe he’s referring to the weight of the shoe, the thinness of the material, or perhaps the width… Hm. “Too light” ^@@^


2/24. Instagram. With Oh Yeon Seo and Tony Hong on the CBM set. “Starting today… ” #haejoon #hongnan #InSeokcheon ^@@^


2/8 — 2/24. Instagram.

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  1. Love memories 😘 The drama is so good. I’m really enjoying it. 📺🤗 Thanks for sharing 😀


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