[series][MV][fan cam][fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#2!)


I’ve always admitted that, even though Rain hypnotizes the heck out of me when singing in his native Korean tongue, when he sings in Japanese, every endorphin in my nervous system melts down like a nuclear reactor. Don’t know why. Can’t figure it out. ❤ It is what it is! Under those circumstances, it’s waaaay past time for me to share with y’all the 15 songs Rain sings in Japanese and English — that I know of — in the order I like them.

I’d love for you to share your favs, too. 🙂

2In my #2 spot: “Move On”, his 3rd Japanese single release and Track 4 on his Japanese album Eternal Rain (2006). *squeeeeeee!*

You HAD to know “Move On” was coming. (If my number 1 song wasn’t my number 1, “Move On” would be, hands down.)


I have loved this song and everything about it for a long, l-o-n-g time, y’all. Everything from the music video with its one continuous shot never breaking away from Rain to the clothing he wears in it…

…to the soothing music accompaniment, to the movements he makes across the set, to the passion on his face and in his voice as he pleads with this chick to move on from that no-good guy to him… to that swaggalicious Michael Jackson walk forward with his head moving softly side to side (starting around 1:47)… to him ending up under a lamp post in the rain… Even without any of the visuals, wow. “Move On” is one of the most beautiful songs to come out of Rain’s mouth ever. My ears do not lie.

*clutching my pearls* Oooh, lord, let’s just get on with it!

Music video. Japanese version. *melts into a puddle*

Here are my lyrics from late 2010. Enjoy!

Americanized Translation: Stephe @CloudUSA

From direct Korean→English translations courtesy of: RAIN Germany

(please credit accordingly)

Move On

When are you going to stop crying
While you wait for someone who isn’t coming, your heart firmly closed
Why won’t you see ME
I’m waiting for you, while you’re waiting for him

Move on, oh move on,
You should just stop, that [guy] isn’t coming
Open your heart, baby, open up my heart now

[hook] Let me be the one to hold you tight
Be the one you wait for every night
I’ll take [his place] now, I’ll do it
I will always be right by your side
I won’t leave you like [he] did

Seeing you like this, my heart
hurts the same way yours does because of [him]
My gaze is on you
The same way you’re gazing at the place [he used to be]

Move on, oh move on
You should just stop, that [guy] isn’t coming
Open your heart, baby, open up my heart now


[bridge] Turn around and look at me now, give me a chance too
The scar that [guy] left
I’ll take it upon myself [to heal it], make up for it forever by your side
So give me a chance

[hook x 2]

Fan made. This Japanese YouTuber used her favorite portions of the MV, part of a promotional interview (at the very beginning), and 2 snippets of behind the scenes footage (in the middle and at the very end), and set them to the song itself. Cute. ❤

Fan made MV. Korean version. Dear lunaluna carefully overlaid the Korean version onto the Japanese video and it turned out great! I didn’t even know there was a Korean version for a good while. One day, I was listening to what I thought was the JPN version in my car, but something was off, the words weren’t right, I thought I was losing my mind or something so I hit up the Internet later. And there it was, on his 4th Korean album Rain’s World (2006). And honestly, it is stunningly beautiful as well, enough to make your heart go pitter-patter. ^@@^

Fan cam LIVE. This is so cute and never fails to make me smile! Rain sang the song during his 2010 ZEPP Japan Tour stop at Saitama Super Arena, but he sang the Korean version to the Japanese audience, LOL~ It didn’t bother them at all, in fact, when he suddenly came down into the crowd, they ’bout lost their ever loving minds. Pandemonium! Poor fan cammer! ❤ ^@@^

Okay. Moooooving on, y’all. 🙂

We are down to the wire now and Song #1 is on deck! My apologies for taking so long to get to #2, everyone. I’ve been severely under the weather and dealing with home stuff and didn’t mean to leave you hanging. I promise to get #1 up in a jiff so we can get on to the next series, okay? Thanks for your understanding. ❤

‘Til next time.

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

» [series][fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#3!)


~ by Cloud USA on April 9, 2016.

5 Responses to “[series][MV][fan cam][fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#2!)”

  1. Hi Stephe !! Superbe chanson ma préférée en japonais , et ce clip aussi est un de mes préférer 😉

    Prenez le temps dont vous avez besoin , c’est toujours un plaisir de voir et lire vos articles !!

    J’attend la N 1 ❤ avec impatience ❤

    Thanks for Sharing ❤

    Big Kiss de France 🙂


  2. Oh WOW I love this one too. They all speak to heart of being loved and lost love. I am so waiting to see what your #1 is. But take care of yourself. I look forward to your review on PCBM. when you get a moment.


  3. 😘 Nothing but love for ya


  4. Oh yes, one of my favorites of favorite MOVE ON. Love this song, thanks for the translation. 💦👏🏾🎤😀 You’re the best Stephe! 😀👏🏾🍾


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