[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 2: What Clouds and fans are watching right now… Come Back, Mister!


There are waaay too many good shows of all kinds on TV and online these days and we need a place to dish about ’em, am I right? On top of that, you’ve had time to watch and digest and mull over the first few episodes of Rain’s new SBS drama Come Back, Mister. What say you about the show? Let’s discuss! ^@@^

WE GOT SPOILERS. Please back out of here & DON’T SCROLL unless you’re good with that.

The previous Cloud-watching post from 11/19/2015 โ€“ 2/28/2016 is HERE.ย  ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 29, 2016.

12 Responses to “[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 2: What Clouds and fans are watching right now… Come Back, Mister!”

  1. ***** SPOILER ALERT ****

    Well, I just finished watching the last two episodes of Come Back Mister and I gotta say……..job well done! I enjoyed this drama from beginning to end. For me it was comedy more than anything, however, that last episode pulled my heart strings more than any of the others. If you’ve ever experienced loss of a loved one (or anyone for that matter), the not wanting to let them go is tough, the “sensing their presence” is tough. The finale episode put me right back in that emotional space. It had me thinking about my dad (who is no longer with us) and that really got to me unexpectedly. I’m not a crier necessarily, but I found myself wanting to go there. So anytime an entertainment show makes “me” get in my feelings……damned good job is all I can say. SMILES……………..

    With that said, the finale did what it was supposed to do…..wrapping up the show nice and tidy. It was sad, because you wanted Lee Hae Joon to end up with Da Hye but you knew they couldn’t in reality. However, on a happier note, you could see the makings of future love stories for Da Hye and Seung Jae with Lee Hae Joon and Han Gi Tak’s doppelgangers.

    All throughout the drama, I loved Rain’s “tongue in cheek” nod to his male beauty and how much ado is made over it by fans and non fans alike. That consistently brought in the comedy quotient, but Oh Yeon Seo as Han Gi Tak….. I must say girlfriend was Awesome, just awesome. I would love to see Rain team up again with both Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Min Jung in a future drama. His chemistry with both ladies was awesome, just a natural fit. The producers matched his talents perfectly with those two.

    Lastly, by far The funniest moment for me personally, was one that was fleeting but made me LOL (and no is wasn’t Rain). It was after Park Chul Min (Ma Sang Sik) became “enamored” of Lee Hae Joon after Hae Joon sent he and his family on an extended vacation. Sang Sik said “boy, I didn’t know a man could make my heart flutter” and then he becomes faint and flustered. Now THAT oh-so-brief moment made me LOL. I can only imagine they must’ve laughed their asses off shooting that scene. Loved that moment.

    Again, awesome job on this drama Sweetness. I really, really enjoyed it. SMILES………………………………….


  2. **** WARNING!!! SPOILERS!!! *****
    Hi, Ladies.

    I must say I’m enjoying this drama immensely. Rain’s comic timing is wonderful. I love that he’s not afraid to be ridiculous when his character calls for it. Of course, we Clouds have always known Rain can be goofy as heck, but this drama is taking full advantage of that ability.

    When “Kim Young-Soo” threatened to jump off of that bridge and gangster-lady/man (as I like to call her/him) stopped him, and then he proceeded to fall to the ground and pitch a fit like a three-year-old? LOL! And when “Kim Young-Soo” decided that his wife and “Ji Hoon” were having an affair and during the “confrontation” scene threw himself onto “Ji Hoon’s” car? OMG! And then the “porn” scene in Ep. 9? LOL. Honestly, the whole cast is doing an awesome job at making me laugh (okay AND cry…I’ll admit it.).

    There’s only one thing that’s stumping me. How they are going to wrap up Rain’s and Lee Min-Jung’s relationship? I mean, “Kim Young-Soo” is DEAD, people. I keep wondering how the writers are going handle his having to go back to heaven after another month. Is it wise to worm your way into your family’s life again, seduce your wife using another guy’s body, make her fall in love with you all over again, only to disappear into the beyond never to return? I mean, really. Not a good plan, fella.

    A funny aside: I’m watching the show with my parents when I get home from work on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This isn’t the first Rain drama they’ve watched with me, but it IS the first that my dad is so excited about that he eyes Dramafever like a hawk all day, and then actually sends me a message at work to tell me that it has downloaded. LOL.

    One day he even told me that if I didn’t mind he was going to go ahead and watch it without me. The only thing that stopped him was me threatening to “out” him on Facebook. Well, either that or he watched it, didn’t tell me, and then watched it again later that night. LOL. So cute.

    Terri :-}


    • *** SPOILER ALERT ***

      Yes, I’m so loving this cast too! Rain is going “all in” with this character and he’s so dang funny. I said before that I think comedy may be his true calling. Even though he’s pretty awesome at whatever movie/TV genre he does….comedy is such a natural fit for him. Nothing sexier than a beautiful man not afraid to be silly. He’s already sexy and can make me laugh too! Oh yes!

      Also, I was thinking the same thing you were thinking with regard to his character being “dead” and wooing his wife/widow. Well, since his doppelganger is on a deserted island who knows…..one of them will have to die for real, if he and Lee Min Jung will be together in the end….maybe. However, I think what may really happen is she’s going to figure him out and/or he will end up confessing outright. Heaven’s consequences will let the chips fall where they may. SMILES Besides, she’s already “sensing” him anyway.

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  3. Oh man! Episodes 3 and 4 are now under my belt. Gosh, where to begin. Episode 3……the hotel room scene, showing off his chocolate abs and his newly “enhanced” man goodies….LOL…..funny as hell. However, Episode 4 had me laughing my ass off (no other way to say it)…..truly. Rain is killing me by basically making fun of his “good looking image” and how fan girls (like us) go crazy (some of us too crazy) over his looks. Good way to show how cray cray that can get. SMILES.

    When he woke up in his mansion with the sunlight hitting his face and looks over at himself…….”I’m so good looking even when I wake up in the morning”……now That scene made me say Rain you are the man boo. People have been reiterating how good you look forever and a day, hey…may as well go with it and embrace it full on. Love that “ish.” SMILES

    Oh, oh and the scene with Gi Tak’s rival……….straight out of that horror movie “The Grudge”…..gosh (*still cracking up*). Yes honey, Episode 4 clinched it for me. I have so got to see this drama until the end.

    One last thing, Rain (illegit son) on the island…..that’s comedy too. He’s like damn, I did not ask for this shiggity! The dramatic parts are lovely, but the comedy is what’s truly winning me over at this point. Also, this drama has some strong, strong female characters. These ladies are awesome and THIS drama feels much more balanced when Rain shares the screen opposite his female fellow actors. The young actress is awesome too. I really, really like this cast of characters.


  4. I love this drama! Have already watched Ep 2 several times. Love the acting here – so good! I am disgusted with mean and evil in-laws and power/money hungry guys, so Come Back, Mister seems like something I can enjoy. I don’t need additional stress in my life.

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  5. I think the drama will puck up, we have to give it some time – besides I’m watching just to see RainRain ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ


  6. I actually enjoyed the first two episodes myself. I also like the ensemble cast. A talented line-up. The “ticket agent” just cracks me up. LOL.

    I’m going to have to reserve my judgement until I get further into it. One thing I do already know is I’m having loads of fun watching Rain on the small screen again.

    Terri :-}


    • **** SPOILER ALERT ****

      I’ve watched the first two episodes too Terri and I concur, it’s way too early for me to decide how I feel overall yet. However, what I do love so far is that there is potential “meat on the bones” of these characters. Each one they’ve introduced, so far, makes you want to pull back the “layers.” I’m intrigued enough to want to keep watching.

      I love watching Bi again, he’s in his element and in many ways classic Rain. Also, it looks like Bi will get to play two different personalities within his “reincarnated” skin. It will be cool to watch him go back and forth between all these personalities. SMILES. At least, I’m guessing (regarding the personalities), since he looks exactly like the chairman’s illegitimate businessman son.

      Oh and the English…..”Mr. Handsome, Mr. Gorgeous, Mr. Sexy”……Love it. I’m always here for Rain speaking in English. I will take what I can get of that. SMILES.

      Yes, the ticket agent is too funny. Imagine if that really was the “job”….LOL.

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  7. Rain looks awesome as always but not crazy yet about this drama. I am going to watch every moment of it because I can’t pass up seeing Rain. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway on my TV (dramafever) the subs are faster than the actors. That is throwing me off.

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