[series][fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#9!)


I’ve always admitted that, even though Rain hypnotizes the heck out of me when singing in his native Korean tongue, when he sings in Japanese, every endorphin in my nervous system melts down like a nuclear reactor. Don’t know why. Can’t figure it out. ❤ It is what it is! Under those circumstances, it’s waaaay past time for me to share with y’all the 15 songs Rain sings in Japanese and English — that I know of — in the order I like them.

I’d love for you to share your favs, too. 🙂

9In my #9 spot: “Without You” on his Japanese album Eternal Rain (2006).

This song is so CUTE, and the music accompaniment makes cherry blossoms dance through my head, I love it. I’m so glad that lunaluna posted her fan made of the audio. Hers is the only video I’ve ever found. Her idea of using a chalkboard template for the lyrics is just as adorable as the song, isn’t it?^^

As far as I know, Rain hasn’t performed this song in public. It was strictly for the album and only in Japanese.

For all y’all who haven’t seen inside the Eternal Rain album + DVD, check out this brief unboxing. I tell you, Rain is a wonder when it comes to taking the most gorgeous pictures. The camera loved him and will always love him. Point. Blank. Period!

That’s 7 spots down, y’all! I’ll see you on Wednesday. ❤

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

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~ by Cloud USA on February 21, 2016.

10 Responses to “[series][fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#9!)”

  1. Stephe, “Without You” is No. 1 and “Props in my Life” is No. 2 on my list of favorite songs sung by Rain in Japanese. And thank you so much, lunaluna, for the English subs for “Props in my Life.”

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  2. Oui c’est vrai que cette album est cool , et les photos très belle !!!
    Heureusement je me suis intéresser a Rain en 2008 , car j’ai réussis à avoir tous les albums , maintenant en France cela est plus dur de les trouver lol !!

    Merci pour le partage , et pour votre travail !!

    Moi aussi j’ai hâte de voir son nouveau drama

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  3. thank you for sending me a message

    i love rain music and hope some day he come to the U.S

    send you all the best wishes
    hugs julie

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  4. Hi Stephe, I feel so much like a newbie when it comes to RAIN. There is so much to discover about him. I am checking out each song in Japanese as you lists them and so far I find l like them better in that language. He has a way with it that does not come out in English or Korean. Keep them coming and I will try to find them to enjoy. I am counting down the hours until “Please come back, Mister” premieres. I am sending all my love and best wishes to him for a great show. Take care Stephe.

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    • Hi, libbie. 🙂 I so agree with you in there is so much to discover about him. I don’t think anyone can ever truly know it all!

      So glad you’re enjoying my Japanese countdown, and that you’re waiting with the rest of us on his new drama this week. It looks really promising and I can’t wait. Thanks for your comments and for supporting hardworking Rain, and you take care, too.^^

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. i like know how come i send a poem to him i never here from him if he likes it or not????

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    • Hi, Julie. I really don’t know why… although it probably has to do with him getting lots and lots of mail every day and not being home enough to go through it all regularly. He’s been working in China nonstop for weeks and weeks at a time last year and is still doing it, only flying home to film Come Back, Mister. As I understand it, his admin office is keeping everything safe for him until he can get to it. Hope you’re having a good week,

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. RainRain’s music very source of enjoyment – thanks for sharing 😄🎧🎹🎤


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