[series][MV] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#10!)

I’ve always admitted that, even though Rain hypnotizes the heck out of me when singing in his native Korean tongue, when he sings in Japanese, every endorphin in my nervous system melts down like a nuclear reactor. Don’t know why. Can’t figure it out. ❤ It is what it is! Under those circumstances, it’s waaaay past time for me to share with y’all the 15 songs Rain sings in Japanese and English — that I know of — in the order I like them.

I’d love for you to share your favs, too. 🙂

10In my #10 spot: “Sad Tango”, Rain’s first Japanese single release (January 2006).

The MV for the song was a favorite as well in my early Cloud days, and was the first Rain video that I showed Terri in her pre-Cloud days. His energy and choreography and bravado in that music video amazed me. Again — I’d never seen anything remotely like him and I wondered where the hell he’d been all my life, lol~ Not to mention his face, which completely sold the plot in the parts of the MV when he had to act. What a talent. Geez, Rain. *sigh* Anyhoos, I’m sure y’all understand exactly what I’m talking about.

I could swear I’ve heard a Korean version of “Sad Tango” too, but for some reason I can only find the Japanese and English ones. *shrug*

Making of film.

Live on Japanese TV.

Live at ZEPP Osaka in the summer of 2010, by grown man Rain. Wahhh…

That’s 6 spots down, y’all! I’ll see you on Sunday. ❤

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~ by Cloud USA on February 18, 2016.

4 Responses to “[series][MV] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#10!)”

  1. in the “making of” film, that looks like the ratted hoodie he had on b in the early episodes of “A Love to Kill”. *squeee for raggedy sexiness*


  2. Et oui , je l’ai trouver la version coréenne lol

    Je ne sais pas si cela marche sinon ce lien ci https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ggvLZUqHbo
    C’est la version tango quand il dance avec Kim Sun Ah


  3. Oh yes Sad Tango 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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