[series][fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#s 15, 14, 13, and 12!)


Hi, all. Umm… I’m sure you’ve noticed #s 15 – 12 in my subject line above, which is crazy because yesterday’s entry was #10. Well, I was preparing today’s entry when, suddenly, an 11th song came to mind. And then a 12th. And then a 13th… you get the picture. So, I’m starting completely over. No sense in doing it if I’m not going to do it right, right? Right. So, just act like this post never happened. (Sorry I shortchanged you, Rain! Please don’t “fire” me. I had a brain fart. Ughnn LOL~) ^@@^


I’ve always admitted that, even though Rain hypnotizes the heck out of me when singing in his native Korean tongue, when he sings in Japanese, every endorphin in my nervous system melts down like a nuclear reactor. Don’t know why. Can’t figure it out. ❤ It is what it is! Under those circumstances, it’s waaaay past time for me to share with y’all the 15 songs Rain sings in Japanese and English — that I know of — in the order I like them.

I’d love for you to share your favs, too. 🙂


In my #15 spot is a well known Rain song, just not in this language, perhaps — the Japanese version of “Rainism” on Disc 2 of his 3-disc Rainism Recollection album (Feb 2009, Korea). And in my #14 spot is the Japanese version of “Love Story” from the same album. Rain did quadruple duty with these 2 songs and released them not only in Korean, but in English, Japanese, and Chinese as well. Man, that’s a lot of work! Typical Rain, though. Go big or go home!

The English, Korean, and Chinese versions of “Rainism” and “Love Story” can be found on YouTube and other video sites, but the Japanese versions have been scrubbed off of them and scrubbed hard. It’s damn near impossible to find anything but copyright deletions, which pains me because I can’t give you a listen. Maybe one day. Let’s move on! 🙂

13In my #13  spot is a sexy little ditty called “Feel So Right”, from his Japanese album Eternal Rain (Sept 2006, Japan). “Baby, you got it all, everything I want…” I made the mistake of playing it with my aunt in the car once, and her First Time Feels hit her so hard I almost had to pull over to restrain her. Never again!

“I can’t stop… thinkin’ aboutchu…”

12My #12 spot belongs to: “I Do”, Rain’s 4th single release in Japan (Sept 2006), a true favorite far and wide when it comes to Rain’s Clouds and his concerts over the years. Rain usually sings the Korean version when performing and I adore it as well (it’s my ringtone!) But something about that Japanese just puts some extra pep in my step. ^_^

NOW we’re on track, folks! Thanks for your patience.

I’ll see y’all on Wednesday. ❤

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on February 16, 2016.

4 Responses to “[series][fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#s 15, 14, 13, and 12!)”

  1. Bon alors on repart du bon pied courage Stephe , Rain nous perturbe toutes lol 😉


  2. I do one of favorites, I have a few – Move On, Because of you and so many, many, many, many moreeeeeeee 😄💦🎤🎧🎹


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