[fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#10)

UPDATE 2/16: This poor, pitiful post is now obsolete. Obviously I wasn’t in my right mind, LOL~ I’ve started this series over completely, so please hop on over to the next/new post, y’all. Thanks!^^


Hi, all. How’s February treating ya?

I’ve always admitted that, even though Rain hypnotizes the heck out of me when singing in his native Korean tongue, when he sings in Japanese, every endorphin in my nervous system melts down like a nuclear reactor. Don’t know why. Can’t figure it out. ❤ It is what it is! Under those circumstances, it’s waaaay past time for me to share with y’all the 10 songs Rain sings in Japanese and English in the order I like them. And I’d love for you to share your favs, too. 🙂

124329-matte-white-square-icon-alphanumeric-n10-solidIn my #10 spot is a sexy little ditty called “Feel So Right”, from his Japanese album Eternal Rain (2006). “Baby, you got it all, everything I want…” I made the mistake of playing it with my aunt in the car once, and her First Time Feels hit her so hard I almost had to pull over to restrain her. Never again!

“I can’t stop… thinkin’ aboutchu…” See y’all on Tuesday! ^@@^

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~ by Cloud USA on February 15, 2016.

4 Responses to “[fan made] From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s Japanese songs in the order I like ’em. (#10)”

  1. Moi sa voie m’ensorcelle , si je m’énerve trop je l’écoute et le calme reviens , et cela dans n’importe qu’elle langue !! J’aime l’entendre car il a une très belle voie ❤ ❤


  2. I have to agreed – love the songs in difference languages. This was really great thanks for sharing 😀👏🏾🎤

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  3. I really like when he sings in different languages, Slowly is my fave japanese song!

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