[19 images] Rain check.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

1/30 – 1/31. Random images about town in Hong Kong. ^@@^ (Images credited as tagged)




1/31/2016. Longtime show director and Rain’s hyung Randy Noh posted the proof that “what a difference a day makes” applies to everyone and everything except Rain. He’s still youthful and just as sexy, if not more. 🙂 ^@@^ (Legend of Rainism and The Squall images credit: randynoh @ Instagram)

위 사진은 2009년 #Ranism #홍콩콘서트 끝난후
아래 사진은 2016년 #TheSquall 홍콩 공연 전에
7년전 공연 사진 앞에서 기념 사진. .
7년의 세월에 많은 것이 느껴지는 오늘 하루
#RainWorldTour #정지훈 #비
#AsiaWorldExpo #Hongkong



1/29/2016. These posters for the after-party for The Squall Hong Kong are so pretty, I can’t help posting them. 🙂 (Credit: PlayClub Hong Kong)


1/29/2016. At Incheon Int’l Airport, leaving for Hong Kong. (Images credited to media as tagged)



1/25/2016. Waving at fans from his car outside of his hotel in Shanghai. (Images credited as tagged)


1/23/2016. Our favorite fashion plate leaving his hotel in Shenyang and giving his Clouds a wave. Of course, he was in town for his Squall Shenyang concert. ^@@^ (Images credited as tagged)



~ by Cloud USA on February 3, 2016.

One Response to “[19 images] Rain check.”

  1. Love how RainRain dresses – so sharp GQ. Thanks for sharing


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