[11 images] Rain Sponsor check. (LOVO, WellcareFIT, and JVJQ.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


(Cap: @lovemesome_rain)

229-130514144P0X0transWHcroppedFYI: 1/31/2016. Even though Chinese hypoallergenic cosmetics giant J·VJQ Jin Quan (JVJQ 瑾泉) hasn’t saturated the market with anywhere near the number of Rain ad campaigns that Mentholatum China has, they are still firmly on board the Rain train and have been since March 2011. They didn’t have much of a presence on the Internet either, but with the passage of time, all of that has changed.

Now, they have no less than 3 impressive websites and they’ve been sharing Rain’s appearances and his posts on their Weibo. 🙂 ^@@^



The most recent time Rain and JVJQ reconnected was last October, when he congratulated them on their 10th anniversary and showed up at their anniversary party. They’re so quiet, I just wanted to make a note that yes, the company is still one of Rain’s sponsors in China. ^@@^


(You can scroll down and play the CF from his first JVJQ ad campaign. I love that CF. Sexy… CLICK on the image and go! ^@@^)



1/22/2016. (Images credit: Wellcare Fit 웰케어핏 維卡菲 @FB)



1/21/2016. (Images credit: LOVO-Home / Caps by ratoka)

1-21-2016 10-42-46 AM

~ by Cloud USA on January 31, 2016.

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