[7 clips][3 links][Eng/Chn/Kor] Rain video salad. (Including Rain’s KBS Guerrilla Date, English-subbed.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


1/13/2016. Article and video on Singpao Daily News about Rain bringing The Squall to Hong Kong. What absolutely tickles me to death is that if you didn’t know it was a news video on Sing Pao’s (成報) YouTube channel, you would never guess it.

There is NO talking, no commentary, no mention of anything, just Rain doing amazing things with his pelvis onstage. The subject title of the video (亞洲巡演唱功舞技大爆發 Rain濕身誘惑晒八塊腹肌) does mention an Asian tour, a singing and dancing explosion, abdominal muscles, and “Wet & Messy”, though. Yeahhhhhhh. kekeke~ ^@@^


1/8/2016. MBC News Today’s report about Rain and renowned pianist Lang Lang coming together for a performance in China. ^@@^ (Source credit: imnews.imbc.com / courtesy of Sherrysss Sherryloverain)


1/4/2016. ETN Entertainment Station’s entertainment news report about Rain being a special guest at PSY’s Christmas Eve concert in Seoul. ^@@^ (1 min report re-up: Sherrysss Sherryloverain @YT.)

» FULL 2 min report LINK: [싸이 ‘올나잇스탠드 2015’] ‘비’ 특별공연 @TVcast.Naver.


1/3/2016. [English] Showbiz Korea’s entertainment news report about Rain, Lee Min Jung, and Oh Yeon Seo starring in upcoming SBS TV drama Come Back, Mister. ^@@^ (Source credit: ARIRANG K-POP @YT.)


12/31/2015. VLive TV’s special video “Goodbye 2015” featuring Rain and his fellow V-app colleagues. Cute. 🙂 ^@@^

» LINK: 151231 V Live_V Special_2015 V HIGHLIGHT – Adieu 2015!



12/29/2015. A KNN News report about Rain’s The Squall Shanghai concert, live-streamed on YY.com, and how his fans sent him over 500,000 chat room messages during the concert and as a reward the concert promoter lit up the tallest building in the city with Rain’s name. (That was so much fun, so exciting, and I was a pretty proud Cloud that day. ❤ ) ^@@^

» LINK: 151229 KNN_News_중국 건물에 불 밝힌 가수 비.


12/29/2015. A K-Star entertainment news report about Rain and Park Ji Young representing South Korea at a New Year’s show in China. Nice to see them use “30 Sexy” (song), My Lovely Girl press con footage, ADIEU 2010! concert footage, and footage from Rain’s free street concert in Gangnam (his last stage appearance before going into the military, October 2011). Cool! ^@@^ (Source credit: K STAR 한류스타 리포트 & 생방송 스타뉴스 @YT.)


12/27/2015. [English] KBS World’s Star Date segment of Rain’s Guerrilla Date that happened back on 12/18. I LOVE. THIS. INTERVIEW! So much fun! The fans on the street who got to interact with him were so funny, and lucky. And the host teasing him and making him nervous about Kim Tae Hee (and rigging the lie detector) was hilarious! LOL~

I really like what Rain said about her (that she is pretty, that they’re getting along well) and I like that the host gave him the opportunity to clear up the false news reports and repeat that if anything big happens in his personal life, he’ll open his mouth and say so. He looked really happy during the whole interview, which is nice to see instead of the usual — the press trying to crucify him over something. Way to go, Rain. ❤ ^@@^ (Source credit: KBS World TV @YT.)


12/5/2015. A 芒果TV (Mango TV) report about Rain arriving in Hong Kong for his The Squall HK press conference. ^@@^ (Courtesy of Sherrysss Sherryloverain @YT.)

~ by Cloud USA on January 17, 2016.

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