[4 videos] From Stephe’s desk: Rain Trivia! Which 2 words have given his song titles the best mileage?


Hey there, Clouds and Rain fans! How up to speed is your Rain Trivia? Let’s find out.

With 7 albums (9, including FanClub 1 and 2), 1 mini-album, several repackages, and numerous single releases and duets under his belt, that’s a heck of a lot of songs Rain’s been singing over the years. And in the midst of all of those song titles, there are 2 words in particular that have carried him a long way. Just as “I” (난 “Nan”) has brought him a long way on the concert stage, these 2 words have dominated his lyrics.

What are they? I’ll bet you know! 🙂

I’ll reveal the word that’s in the #2 position tomorrow, and you can see if you’re right. In the meantime, here is an Honorable Mention to get your trivia juices flowing. The word I’m talking about is… *drumroll*

BabyGreenSee y’all tomorrow.

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

♦ “Baby baby”

팬클럽, FänClub 2 album (1999). Official music video. Our “Ji-Hun” with his grown-man voice.^^ “Check, baby, check, baby, won’t you be mine?”

Live on Inkigayo. He stays mostly over to our far right → except for the beginning when he’s front and center, and his solo part also comes first. It might just be me, but it seems like he has the blackest hair in the group here… ^@@^

 “Baby” [LYRICS]

비, debut album n001 (2002). Fan made.

♦ “Baby baby”

ピ, Japanese album Eternal Rain (2006). Fan made.


♦ “Get In The Car” (Baby) / “차에 타봐” [LYRICS]

Rain, Rain Effect album (2014). Now, to be fair, the word “baby” is nowhere in the title of this song. However… the painful way Rain hollers “Baybaaaaaaaaaay!” in the middle of this thing had lots of people thinking that was the title, until the true title “Get In The Car” was revealed.

So, this AMAZING song will always be “Baby” in my mind. Sue me. 🙂 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on January 7, 2016.

9 Responses to “[4 videos] From Stephe’s desk: Rain Trivia! Which 2 words have given his song titles the best mileage?”

  1. Moi je pense a Sarang ( amour , I love you ) mais eut être pas …


  2. Great fun!

    Terri :-}


  3. Is the second most popular word used in his song title “love”? It is hard for us non-Korean speaker to guess!! The translations for his song titles in diff. languages can be very different from the original Korean….. But thanks for the trivia question to get us fans get excited about talking about Rain! hee hee. cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have amended the title of my post for more clarity. 🙂 ^@@^


  5. Sorry if I didn’t explain my properly, y’all. Sometimes I can be kind of confusing.^^

    I’m talking about song titles, because most of the time the words in the title are sprinkled throughout the song lyrics as well. (There are exceptions, of course, think “Marilyn Monroe”…??? haha~) Song titles is a big clue and makes it easier. It keeps a person from sifting through 100+ songs lyrics and going insane. Lol~

    Thanks for your guesses! 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


  6. a very wild guess is “Girl”?


  7. Whoa………….this is kinda tough actually. SMILES. I take a guess. You said song lyrics and not album titles. If that was the case, I’d his own stage name “Rain” pops up quite a lot. Also, he says the word “Sexy” a lot.

    So, the number one spot is either “Rain” (or some derivative of it) or “Sexy”

    LOL………I don’t know.


  8. I knew this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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