[14 images] Rain check. (Including suits in Gangnam, a beverage with Bear Story, and Grizzly goods.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(1/6/2016) Uh-oh! The infamous 3, stocking up on Diamond Supply and Grizzly during the big new year’s sale. Oh, my! 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: diamondsupplyco_kor @IG)



(1/6/2016) Rain taking a load off and having a beverage break with Bear Story products in the mix. Heh, cute! ^@@^ (Image credit: bearstory_ @IG)



(1/6/2016) Rain at Mark Ronsen (custom tailoring and luxury items for men) with top guy @James_Leeyd, who posted, “World star ‘rain’ visited our shop(Markronsen). I felt that he is a really nice guy.” Aw. 🙂 ^@@^



(1/6/2016) Looks like custom-made suit company ARCO Valeno in Gangnam blogged about the suits Rain has worn on different occasions (probably theirs), New Year’s greetings, Rain’s new SBS TV drama Please Come Back, Mister, and how they wish him the very best. Oh, and they included this picture, y’all. ^@@^ (Image source credit: m.cafe.naver.com)




(1/1/2016) A HUGE The Squall Rain World Tour Shenyang ad, announcing the press con on 1/8. ^@@^ (Image credit: 沈阳华润万象汇 @Weibo)



(12/17/2015) Samsung Medical Center in Seoul posted about how Rain sent concert tickets to children suffering from pediatric illnesses, and met with them as well. What a guy. ❤ ^@@^ (Images credit: 삼성서울병원 @FB)



(12/17/2015) Rain and Randy Noh at g.o.d.’s big concert. ^@@^ (Image credit: godjp @IG)


(Image credit: randynoh @IG)



(12/11/2015) Rain getting the heck out of Dodge after his first The Squall Seoul concert. Aw ❤ ^@@^ (Images credit: charlotte璐 @Weibo)





(12/2/2015) On the ELLE Men photo shoot set. ^@@^ (Image credit: grossetete @IG)


~ by Cloud USA on January 7, 2016.

2 Responses to “[14 images] Rain check. (Including suits in Gangnam, a beverage with Bear Story, and Grizzly goods.)”

  1. I wonder if he will ever do another concert in the USA? I have seen a few of the greats. The Temptations (the original group),Gladys Knight, Michael and Janet Jackson. Expensive tickets but worth every hard earned dollar. For me Rain is worth the cost of ticket. Here’s hoping to get blessed one day in the future.


    • Hi, Claudette. 🙂 We’re with you on that — here’s to hoping! And there’s a good chance he will. Some months ago, he said several times that he planned to bring his current concert tour to the USA and other countries outside of Asia. All that remains is the opportunity for Mr. Workaholic to do so…

      Wow, you’ve really seen some of the greats! Thanks for your comments!

      Stephe ^@@^


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