[UPDATE][22 images] Rice garlands & briquette wreaths at The Squall World Tour stop in Seoul. (12/11)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

*UPDATE 12/18: I just noticed that Rain’s Cloud Thailand has posted a slew of additional garlands and fan bases who supported Rain at The Squall Seoul as well! These images add Cloud Taiwan, Rain Bar China, Hong Kong Clouds, Cloud Hungary, Rain Vietnam, Rain’s Cloud Thailand, Rain’s French Fanbase, Cloud Puerto Rico, Spanish Clouds, Los Angeles Clouds, New York Clouds, and more to the tally. Thumbs up! ❤ ^@@^ (Images credit: @CloudThai)

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(Image: Odette R. Santos / aquagirl_0904)

Rain’s domestic and global fans came together to support his Seoul concerts and follow his lead in providing for the less fortunate. Time was short, but everything went off without a hitch. *happy* 🙂

Terri and I usually order rice garlands to represent the community, but this time we switched up and purchased briquette wreaths instead because the winters in South Korea are frigid and it’s so awful to be cold. Because of the donations we received, we were able to get 2 wreaths along with 80 briquettes to help heat people’s homes. ❤

(Cloud USA, Cloud Peru, Hawaiian Cloud, & a 4th rice garland outside the concert venue. Image: 0506satomi)


Cloud USA donations list
Naoko (harudoful)
Jeanie O.
Liz Langley
Diana Whitmore
Maria C.
Ms. Geri
Alisa L.
Patsi K.
All other donors wish to remain anonymous. No problem! ❤

A huge thanks to everyone who gave and to those who wanted to give but couldn’t. Also, hugs to beloved Manila sister Odette and to 0506satomi for sharing their pics so we could see our wreaths. What a nice surprise! ❤ It was a treat to see that Clouds shared some images of other garlands as well. (Let me just mention right here that I am miffed at Dreame Co. for not posting a garland video from Rain’s venue the way they usually do… hmph. Schedule snafu? Short staffed? Don’t appreciate that, no sir. >_< )

All in all, a nice, supportive turnout for Rain. Well done, Clouds. 🙂

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

Rain arrives in front of his official Cloud’s massive rice garland and briquette wreath. (Credit: meiacrbon)


Rain’s Official Global Cloud Fan Community, in South Korea. (Credit: The Cloud)



Super fan club Benamoo. (Credit: @benamoo)


Cloud Japan, with a little piece of Rain Cloud Chile and super fan club DC Rain Gall. (Credit:0506satomi)


Cloud Puerto Rico. (Credit: Cloud Puerto Rico @FB)


Raincloud Europe, Turkish Clouds, Rain Cloud Chile, and another lovely rice garland. (Credit: @turkishclouds)


(Credit: Cloud Peru)


~ by Cloud USA on December 16, 2015.

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