[12 images][Insta cam] Cover to cover: Rain featured in ELLE Men Magazine HK’s December 2015 issue.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


(Cover and images credit: ELLE Men Magazine @Facebook)



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ELLE MEN HONG KONG ~ DECEMBER 2015 ~ ISSUE NO.28 *COVER STORY*男神之始 RAIN. The Return Of RAIN~~~Seoul Interview. Korean culture is very popular now. Needless to say. Numerous rising star, in every generation there is talent out. But when it comes to the Korean pioneer, you should not forget the cover story—RAIN(Jung Ji Hoon) The original single eyelids boys, cute but a strong muscles. 2002 Debut instant surge in popularity. Korean popular culture today, is can be traced back to his start talking. His came back. His debut 13 years, although not all smooth sailing, But the "Table achievement" how generous he was outstanding, it does not itemized thin columns. Has won numerous music awards, he has become the first Asian American elected twice, "Time magazine" the world's 100 most influential people of entertainers. The first generation of the Korean stage king, His film and television amphibious song are endeavor, He completed military service, immediately carry out new experiences for their cause. In this issue specifically for "ELLE MEN" shooting this exclusive cover story, and he shared the things they once had and lost. He also points to the past attitude of life. Back returning to the stage. #鄭智薰#정지훈#JungJiHoon#rain_oppa# #Rain#비#HongKongMagazines#ELLEMEN#ISSUENO28#Dec2015#

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(Images credit: Rain_bo @tieba.baidu)









~ by Cloud USA on December 3, 2015.

4 Responses to “[12 images][Insta cam] Cover to cover: Rain featured in ELLE Men Magazine HK’s December 2015 issue.”

  1. It’s so funny the “typos” you see (goodness knows I’ve had my share). If you read through the Instagram write up posted under the cover pic, the person said Rain was the first Asian American to be elected twice to be in the Time 100 issue. It’s just that he’s not American. SMILES. I didn’t catch that the first 100 times I looked at this post.

    Hey, it’s no biggie. We all know who it’s in reference to. I just noticed it is all. SMILES…………………


  2. Sexy as ever. Seems to have an eyebrow thing going on lately, doesn’t he. 😛

    Terri :-}


  3. En tous les cas ses photos sont superbe ❤ 😉


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