[info][Cloud USA] Rice garland project in support of Rain’s Dec 11 The Squall World Tour stop in Seoul.

โ€” Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Hi there, dear Clouds and Rain fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope everyone who celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday has their menus out or their bags packed because it’s right around the corner!

As some of you read last week on Rain’s official Cloud Fan Community in South Korea, in celebration of Rain’s return to the concert tour stage in Seoul after many years, The Cloud is organizing rice garland donations to be displayed at The Squall World Tour 2015 โ€“ 2016 concert stop in Seoul on Friday, December 11.

Just as in the past, they’ve chosen garland company Dreame Co. as the go-to place for fan clubs and individuals to order rice garlands to be displayed outside of the concert venue. The rice included with each garland will be donated to charities that feed hungry children and the less fortunate, in Rain’s name.

Image credit: The Dreame Garland Co. Korea / @dreamecokr

Image credit: The Dreame Garland Co. Korea / @dreamecokr

We have already contacted the overseas fan coordinator and plan to order Cloud USA garland(s) so that English-speakers and North American fans can be represented in Korea. If you would like to support Rain and participate in this project, please send your donations to our Paypal account letitrain@cloudusa.org. Be sure to put your name and location in the notes so that we can send a list of participants’ names to Rain and share it on our media blog and social media (unless you’d rather be anonymous, just say the word).

The deadline for donations is December 5, just shy of 2 weeks from today.

Showing a strong fan presence around the world for Rain will reflect well on him with the event coordinators, news outlets, and attendees, and we are so down with that! You can read overseas fan coordinator Heidi’s preliminary notice from The Cloud below. โ†“

Let’s do this. So exciting! Thanks, all. โค

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org


Image credit: The Dreame Garland Co. Korea / @dreamecokr (9/14/2014)

Image credit: The Dreame Garland Co. Korea / @dreamecokr (9/14/2014)

[notice][11/21/2015] Rice Garland Donation at December 11 The Squall concert in Seoul

It has been 4 years since Rain last held concerts in his hometown Seoul. We are all waiting eagerly for “The Squall 2015 – 2016 Rain in Seoul” coming December 11 to 13. We hope world clouds and fans will gather in Seoul to cheer for Rain in those days.

1201110190942492116The Cloud will also do its best support by organizing rice garlands at the December 11th concert. We hope world clouds and fans will participate in this initiative. Notice about this should come out in due course.

At the same time, we believe it is a good opportunity to invite some less fortunate teenagers to watch Rain’s concert. Rain is more than an idol, he is a role model to many young people. We hope by donating concert tickets to those teenagers, they can appreciate and be inspired by Rain’s hard work and dedication. This may be carried out as individual initiative, as discussion is still going on about this.

If you would like to support the rice garland donation, please make your contribution via paypal. Paypal account: heidi.shanghai@hotmail.com. Please specify your country so that we could group individual rice garland donors by country. For rice garland donation in the name of fan clubs, I will liaise with your representatives about the price, design and messages of your garland/s. Please email me at raincloudworld@gmail.com so that we could work out the details.

You can make your concert ticket donation together with your donation for rice garlands, but please specify if you are doing so.

Deadline for payment: 5 December 2015.

Let’s all do our best to give Rain our greatest love and support!

โ€” huhuhuhu


~ by Cloud USA on November 23, 2015.

8 Responses to “[info][Cloud USA] Rice garland project in support of Rain’s Dec 11 The Squall World Tour stop in Seoul.”

  1. Contribution sent.

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  2. I sent money today to letitrain@cloudusa via PayPal. Hope you receive it.

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  3. I’ll be contributing. We need to let Rain know Cloud USA supports him in the Korea concerts and also that we are anxious to see him in a USA concert too.

    I hope many USA clouds participate.


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  4. We, Russian Clouds, will think what we can do for it….

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