[from Rain][on rumors][2 trans] “…I will tell you myself directly.” (11/20)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

large*Edited to add 11/21: A great squawking arose over one of the translations of Rain addressing the rumors of his non-wedding (what a surprise).

So. I’m adding a second translation to this post for more clarification. (I got the first translation from a commenter on Rain’s IG post, not from Allkpop. I stopped reading Allkpop years ago.)

Sometimes, when Rain speaks, his main point (the Big Picture) is totally missed because of people being all deep in their feelings and sipping haterade like it’s southern iced tea. His main point here is if he gets married, he will respectfully tell us out of his own mouth so don’t get worked up. Because of the language barrier, HOW he said it can be debated until the cows come home with all sides declaring why they are right. *sigh* * SMH* ^@@^


(Image source credit: rain_oppa @ Instagram, 11/20.)

Translation by IG commenter rjanemr @ Rain’s IG:

“Hello… This is Rain, Jung Ji Hoon.

The weather has become very cold.. Everyone, please be careful and don’t catch a cold. It’s just that up till now, many articles related to a wedding have come out, and it seems like we have made a lot of people confused. I’m uploading this post because I think it’s right that I tell you myself. Marriage is an important matter of life and it is a big deal for the people concerned. It’s a very important matter, and if we decide to do something big, I will tell you myself directly. I consider that to be my etiquette towards my long-time fans and to you all. From now on, unless I say so from my own mouth, please don’t believe [other reports].

Thank you.”

Edited to add a second translation by @elsie_see:



~ by Cloud USA on November 21, 2015.

12 Responses to “[from Rain][on rumors][2 trans] “…I will tell you myself directly.” (11/20)”

  1. Why can’t people just stop interfering in others life. We all made this wonderful world RAINS, but just because of that we have no right to get into

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    • I totally agree. Rain is not 12 years old, he is a grown man, he is a smart man, and he doesn’t need his hand held or people who don’t even know him PERSONALLY trying to tell him who he can and cannot see. He is not some 20 year old wet behind the ears idol who doesn’t know how to handle a relationship. He’s not an idiot who would let any woman run over him, and any fan who treats him as such is insulting him. He needs love and support from all of us, not jealousy and interference. WTHeck are people thinking??

      Love ya back, Frances.^^

      Stephe ^@@^

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      • *Kekekekeke*………..your comments keep making me laugh. You are so right, I don’t see Rain as letting ANY woman run all over him. He ain’t the type. If anything, I think “his” girl will probably have to “hold on to her high heels and clutch her pearls” because he just might be a handful. LOL. I think being a singing idol’s girl is not an easy proposition and he Clearly is with the one who He feels he should be with. Our opinions have no place in that.


  2. Rain and Kim Tae Hee don’t see each other very much, which is probably why Tae Hee insists that the two of them are still trying to get to know each other even though they have been dating for 3 years.

    And to all of the anxious fans out there who want to know in advance when/if the couple plans to wed, FORGET IT! They cannot announce marriage plans in advance because the paparazzi will follow them everywhere they go, stake out places it knows they go (C.D.L., Rain’s father’s house, TV/movie recording sets, R.A.I.N. Company, etc.) so they can get photos of the couple entering the church.

    Rain is a very savvy business man and protective of his and Tae Hee’s privacy so, if they ever marry, we will all have to wait for those sacred Instagram photos that Jihoony posts.

    Again, that is if they eventually marry.


    • Great comment!

      Oh, they see each other a lot more than people know. They’ve got their sneaky ways. (but you didn’t hear that from me) 😉

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Your response makes me chuckle Stephe. Mainly because all people have to do is just think about the man in their own lives (or significant other). If Jihoon is like any man that I know……..Oh he will find a way to see his woman (believe that) and we all know why honey. That is ALWAYS on the “to do” list. LOL.


  3. Totally agree Fellow Clouds – thanks for sharing


  4. See here’s the thing…………………..

    When you follow the career of a celebrity (in this case Rain), your fangirl options (when it comes to personal matters) are as follows:

    1) “Slow your roll”
    2) “Stay in your lane”
    3) “Mind your business”

    These are the Only options fans have when it comes to personal matters of their biases……period. Things must have gotten real intense, if he felt he had to make a statement. Honestly, he doesn’t even owe the public that…..BUT the considerate, respectful gentleman that he is made him tell his fans that when there is something to announce HE will do it and HE should be your news source when it comes to any personal matters he chooses to share. That’s it.

    Besides, getting your underwear in a bunch will not affect matters one iota anyway, so why concern yourself with things that are Clearly not yours to be concerned with…..not even a little bit. Makes absolutely no sense to me. “Fans” should stop acting disrespectful towards the man they say they love. I think he’s got a good grasp on how he wants to conduct his life, especially his personal matters. He doesn’t owe us his personal business. The only thing he truly owes us is the best damned show he can muster every time he hits that stage or films a show…..beyond that…..refer to options 1-3.

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    • “The only thing he truly owes us is the best damned show he can muster every time he hits that stage or films a show…..beyond that…..refer to options 1-3.”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thumbs up.

      Stephe ^@@^

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  5. I am so glad that Rain made this statement. To be honest I love Rain so much and I really hope with all my heart that he get married one day and have as many little Rainy kids running around!!! I wish him all the happiness in the world as long as he is living on this earth. But as a fan of his I can tell you I do not sit around thinking about if Rain is getting married or not. Nor do I believe anything I read about him getting married. Because I already know Rain is a take charge type of person. If he is going to do something so important and big as get married. He would want the world do know of it. I do not know if he would give exact details, LOL, as to where it will be but I know he would tell the world that he is doing it. So unless the announcement comes directly from his mouth. That is when i will only believe it. So Rain this is one fan you do not have to worry about getting confused!!!!!

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    • Thanks for your comments, Flower. I totally agree. I mean, honestly, what is it with folks acting like Rain is 12 and needs his hand held. He is a grown man in his mid-30s, takes no crap and can handle his business just fine. I want to see him and his little Rain(s) on “Superman Returns”, haha^_^

      Stephe ^@@^

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