[31 images][The Squall] Rain check. (An after-party, Korea concert info, and The Women Behind the Man!)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Yes! Finally! The Women Behind the Man in Hong Kong newspaper The Sun, 11/16. Rain’s Fabulous Lovelies. Woot! 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: Biblueberry)



11/14. Time for the Evening Show after-party in Shenzhen. (Images: Shenzhen FuFu Culture Communications, Ltd. [富富文化传播有限公司 ] / credited as tagged)




沈阳南希企业管理有限公司 (Shenyang NanXi Enterprise Management Ltd.) is thrilled beyond thrilled about Rain adding the city of Shenyang to his The Squall World Tour, as evidenced by their Weibo posts and masthead. Be there or be square, they said. Congrats, y’all! 🙂 (FYI: CEO Jason Jang, Rain’s manager in China, is up in the mix.) ^@@^




Xavier Herent (@doogybreton), a professional French photographer based in Beijing, shared these images of himself and Rain backstage at The Squall Shenzhen on his Weibo, 11/15. And he’s been posting up a storm about The Squall. Thanks, dude! ^@@^






11/13. Info posters on ticketing site Interpark, the only place to purchase tickets for The Squall Korea concerts. ^@@^




A massive The Squall Rain World Tour poster for his Shenzhen concert stop, outside of the 深圳湾体育中心 (Shenzhen Bay Sports Center). Gorgeous. ^@@^ (Image credited as tagged, 11/11)


~ by Cloud USA on November 16, 2015.

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