10 Responses to “[Update][Concert info][featured CF] 비 Yourself Open Thread for 11/1 — 11/30.”

  1. Hey, Ladies.

    It’s nice to see someone enjoying the OT. Enjoyed reading your comments. Putting “Into the Badlands” on my list. it sounds good.

    Terri :-}


  2. Thanks for the information! I hope he comes to USA or South America. My dream is to attend one of his concerts, and I’ll be waiting for 10 years… Greeting from a Chilean fan 🙂


    • You’re welcome, Xuxin.

      Welcome to Cloud USA’s open thread!

      Hey, it’s our dream to see Rain live in concert as well. We’ve been waiting quite a long time too to see him here in the U.S. We do hope he gets over here soon. Sigh.

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      Terri :-}


  3. Well, seems I’m the only one utilizing the open thread. Oh well WTH. Here I go again. SMILES.

    I’ve got a new TV show that has now been added to my DVR list. This new show premiered last night after The Walking Dead. It’s called “Into The Badlands” and it is awesome! At least, to me anyway. The show is a futuristic, action adventure, martial arts, “Mad Max-Kill Bill-ish” type show and it’s a HUGE step forward for Asian male actors….on several levels.
    The lead character is “Sunny” who was orphaned as a child and supposedly “saved” by the baron he serves. He’s the baron’s head assassin, the resident bad ass (sound familiar?…..SMILE).

    What makes this character different is the following: (1) As stated before he’s the Lead character (2) He’s the resident bad ass, not the sidekick, not the science nerd, not the quiet unseen one (which are characteristics of Asian male characters in American TV and film most of the time)….and….most importantly (drum roll please), (3) His character is sexy as hell and he has a Visible romance With a black woman…..Yep! Now, some would argue she’s “not black enough” (but that’s a different discussion for a different day). We chocolate girls have heard that all before. I say as far as Hollywood goes…..HUGE step forward. Honey, they kiss and lay in bed with each other. This is a romance that is not just “alluded to” but actually shown, so kudos to Daniel Wu (the lead actor) for playing opposite a black woman on mainstream American TV. Daniel is also listed as one of the executive producers of this show too. Hey, he kissed a black woman and the sky didn’t fall and our TV didn’t blow up……imagine that? SMILES. Oh, and did I mention her character is………pregnant! Yep, that too. SMILES. Because of this story line, (4) Asian male actors can finally “envision” themselves as love interests for women of other races not just Asian women.

    This show looks quite promising and I will be tuning in. I’m intrigued to see how these characters will develop over time.

    RAIN where are you?? These characters should be You! SMILES…….


    • I wasn’t able to watch it last night, but I did record it and can’t wait to watch it when I get home tonight! Was wondering what you thought about it, glad you chimed in. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Hey lady. SMILES. Yes, I really liked the show. It was different and I like that about it. There’s also the obvious things I pointed out too. I think you’ll enjoy it when you watch it. It’s a very “visual” TV show too. The Sci-Fi writer in you will love the “look” of the show I think. SMILES.

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        • Okay, dumbkovs. First off, if the deadliest Clipper in The Badlands can survive without any weapons whatsoever, and doesn’t look even a teeny bit afraid of the eleven of you with your weapons, and he dispatches the first of you without even breaking a sweat, that was your first clue to leave dude alone. Answer his questions and back the hell away, Nomads. ROFL! Idiots. 🙂

          Secondly, Daniel Wu’s character “Sunny” has a SWEET wardrobe. Lurve it.

          Thirdly, Daniel Wu is hawt. Especially when he smiles.

          When Sunny’s baron walked into that room full of young Clippers in training, I was jolted back to Ozunu-sama walking into his room full of young assassins in training – and new recruit baby Raizo. Heheh. Thumbs up! Quinn Baron: “Most of you are orphans. Your parents died after a life of servitude, and left you to pay off their debt.” Ozunu-sama: “Abandoned by your parents, without a home, without people to care for you… you should have died.” So we’ve got Quinn Baron and his savior complex and his You Are My Family code pegged already. So. Cool!

          Hmmmm… will heir apparent Sunny turn against the man who made him the same way heir apparent Raizo turned against Ozunu? Looks 50/50.

          The late turn of the century Hong Kong costuming on this show is to die for. So are the swords all the Clippers are swinging. So are the touches of steampunk (Sunny’s bike) and technicolor (a la Ultraviolet) and martial training on a grand scale (a la Enter The Dragon). The brilliant fields of poppies and their trade ties back into China quite nicely. Everything just… fits. Nothing seems to be thrown in just because “they like it” or “it’ll look cool.”

          The development concerning the boy M.K. is awesome. Special, he is.

          I was really afraid that, with the trailers and previews looking so good, Into The Badlands was going to be all style and no substance, you know what I mean, when the best parts are ONLY the trailers and previews. But that isn’t the case at all! The plot is juicy, delicious, and full of promise. So far. Time will tell.

          We might have to have weekly pow-wows about this thing. LOL I like!

          I’d like it even more if it had some RAIN. He would fit perfectly. 😉

          Stephe ^@@^

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          • Yeeeess! The style of the show is “off the chain.” It’s like several movie genres and several eras (time periods) all rolled into one and you’re right…..they fit. To be fair, it was brought up in a comment on FB that there was a “plantation” feel (Django-style). I admit that I can see it too…….BUT….there’s no need to get worked up over it IMHO. At this point, I just see a stylized show yes, but it all works and it’s the STORY that really has me intrigued. I Love shows that intrigue me from episode 1. This one has. Right away you want to know more about Sunny’s back story. Agreed….much like Raizo, maybe that’s why this show “speaks” to me so much. LOL.

            You are so right, we need another “What Clouds Are Watching” thread, because this show has some meat on its bones. I know I’m gonna want to talk about it. SMILES. You know, I’ve seen Daniel Wu before but he was never really “on my radar”…….but he SHO is now. (*Whew………hot indeed…..GURL*). It would be even hotter if our resident Boo Thang was in it too. Yet another show just Perfect for Sweetness! SMILES. (*Gosh…..Sigh*).

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  4. Listening to the Empire OST for season 2. This funky little ditty got me to thinking about Mr. 30 Sexy……………….SMILES!

    He would dance his butt off on the track alone (no singing).

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  5. It’s a lazy day for me today. It’s raining (for real), but it’s cool and breezy. We are finally able to open our windows and let in a breeze. Something we rarely get to do in the hot South. SMILES. We welcome days like this. Puts me in a mood (*won’t say which one…..wink*).

    Oh well. I better got to another post. Looking at these “Bokgu” pics ain’t helping I want you to know Stephe. SMILES. The Rain Effect indeed.

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