6 Responses to “[fan account] Fall in LOVE with Rain Fan Meeting in Busan: His eyes were very, very gentle, and sweet.”

  1. Hi Naoko, thank you for all the information and pictures. That crystal is to die for. I wish you could have gotten a picture of the back of his neck. Thank you again for keeping us up-to-date with Rain.


  2. Wow, thank you for sharing


  3. aww thank you for this cute fanaccount. Rain looks so young and lovely here. I adore his mischievous smile

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  4. What you experienced with Rain would live an imprint into your memory for the rest of your life. How I wish I could also have a personal encounter with him.

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  5. Awesome fan account Naoko! Thank you so much for the translation lady! SMILES……….

    See, this reminds me of the thing I like the most about the way Korean celebs acknowledge their fans. There is actual contact (to a certain degree of course), but also there’s acknowledgement that we are just folks and just want the “love” reciprocated.

    Oh and the souvenirs given to the fans……..hella fly! Especially the 3-D crystal. Now THAT is beyond a souvenir. Naoko said it was heavy. To me, it looks like a piece you could very easily put on a mantle in your living room or great room (as some call it). Very nice Bi.

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