[info] Join us for our “Rain On US” Instagram event and create buzz for Rain.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

InstagramCalling all Clouds and Rain fans in the U.S. of A.!

Bring it in and let’s huddle.

Are you ready — heck, beyond ready — for Korea’s one and only set of Magic Feet to bring another of his concert tours to the States? (The last one we got was Legend of Rainism 2009 – 2010. Good grief!)

heart-shaped-splash3Let’s send @rain_oppa a strong message that we want him HERE, burning up our stages, by flooding his IG notifications and creating buzz for him there. Are you game? Unlike Twitter, participation in this event is more at your leisure — show up on your Instagram at or after 8 pm EST, do your posting, do your REPOSTing and liking of other participants’ posts. (Depending on how many Clouds/fans you’re following, you could actually see their posts pop up in real time!)

REMEMBER: Put your #hashtags first, because then those of you who have your Instagrams connected to your Twitters will get double bang for your buck by also making buzz on Twitter!

And, Global sisters and fans across the world, please help make it #RainOnUS, and know that we are always here to assist with your trending events as well. Rain’s nations stick together. ❤

All the info you need is below ↓ . Spread the word! See y’all this coming Sunday evening, Eastern Standard Time. Thanks so much! ^@@^

Forum mods Dasiey and Merrick, a huge thumbs up for your ideas and input on this project. ❤

(CLICK image for larger view. Right-click and download to your hard-drive.)


~ by Cloud USA on October 23, 2015.

2 Responses to “[info] Join us for our “Rain On US” Instagram event and create buzz for Rain.”

  1. So, how did the Instagram-ing go? SMILES. I don’t have an account as yet, but I did do a pic with the “RainOnUs” hashtag on my FB page. Maybe it’ll pop up somewhere. SMILES.

    Clearly, U.S. Clouds want you here Sweetness and we’ve been waiting for you to perform here a looooong time. Hey, we want to scream and jump and shout and throw our unmention……umm…..nevermind that last part. But you get it right? “Shawty” you the one, one, one. (*Yeah, that was corny…..even to me*).



    • It went well and was a lot of fun! It’s the first time we’ve ever done something on Instagram like that, and I’ve never been witness to anyone else doing something like it on IG, so I’m not sure of how successful it was or wasn’t… BUT. If flooding Rain’s IG notifications with so many messages and pictures that no way could he not see them is considered successful, I’ll say it was a success. LOL!

      I’ll be putting up some pictures sometime today or tomorrow. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


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