[info][trend] Join us for our “Rain On US” trending event and set Rain’s Twitter on fire!

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

twitter_mac_icon_300_transparentCalling all Clouds and Rain fans in the U.S. of A.!

Bring it in and let’s huddle.

Are you ready — heck, beyond ready — for Korea’s one and only set of Magic Feet to bring another of his concert tours to the States? (The last one we got was Legend of Rainism 2009 – 2010. Good grief!)

Heart-Clipart-Heart-Shaped-Fire_foxarcdotcomLet’s send @29rain a strong message that we want him HERE, burning up our stages, by heating up his Twitter. Are you game?

And, Global sisters and fans across the world, please help make it #RainOnUS, and know that we are always here to assist with your trending events as well. Rain’s nations stick together. ❤

All the info you need is below ↓ . Spread the word! See y’all this coming Sunday evening, Eastern Standard Time. Thanks so much! ^@@^

Forum mods Dasiey and Merrick, a huge thumbs up for your ideas and input on this project. ❤

(CLICK image for larger view. Right-click and download to your hard-drive.)


~ by Cloud USA on October 16, 2015.

10 Responses to “[info][trend] Join us for our “Rain On US” trending event and set Rain’s Twitter on fire!”

  1. i guess i’ll have to sign up for twitter too….love the idea! come see us rain!!!

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  2. Great idea, I sure hope it works! I would defknitkey fly back from overseas to see him on my home ground…..any state any time! I haven’t tweeted forever but I will try to join this Sunday…..once I remember my Twitter password…LOL

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  3. Gosh, you all are going to make me have to sign up for Twitter. SMILES. I will chime in and say YES it’s absolutely time for JiHoon Jung aka Rain to come to the States.

    Traveling to see him is not an easy proposition for many of us under a lot of different circumstances….BUT if JiHoon is willing to do a show in the States he just may be surprised at how many fans he actually has in the West.

    He’ll never really know how many new AND older “ride or die” fans he has here until he does a show. Heck, I’ve been one since this blog began. You may just be shocked Baby Boo to see how many of us there are when we are all in one venue together. SMILES……………………………

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  4. Oh yeah – it’s time for some RainRain🎤🎶🎉😍

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  5. Je vais essayer d’envoyer des tweet pour vous soeur Clouds !
    Moi j’espère avoir la chance qu’il vienne en Europe ce serai un beau cadeau !
    Mais si j’ai assez d’argent pourquoi ne pas venir le voir au US , mais je ne pense pas avoir assez on verra !
    Fighting Clouds !!
    On prie tous et toutes pour le voir chez nous 😉

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    • Hi, Lydie!

      Merci! Oh, je l’espère vous pouvez nous rejoindre ET de venir aux États-Unis pour un concert de RAIN. Nous serions ravis de vous rencontrer.

      Terri : -}


  6. Yes….We would love to have Our JUNG JI HOON…AKA RAIN. Here in the USA. It is time!! Let Us show you some LOVE!
    You have lots of Fans here and We Miss You Very….Very Much.

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  7. This is in my calendar and I will be tweeting like crazy. It is important for Rain to know that CloudUSA supports him year round and we really want to see him here, too!

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