[12 images] Rain sponsor check. (The latest from MCM, Lotte, LOVO, and MENtholatum.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

CQJ1UypU8AAuZ5b(Image credit: MCMtweets)

The latest from…

MCM. (Credit: MCM Munich @ Weibo, 10/3.)




MCM. One more time. ^@@^ (Credit: MCMtweets, 9/30.)



Lotte Hotels Busan. (Credit: LHB @ Instagram, 9/30.)



LOVO-Home. (Credit: Lovo & Tuzki / Lovo World T-Mall / Lovo Taobao)






MENtholatum. What’s up with the bad photoshopping of that second poster? Rain deserves better than that. Straighten up, y’all! :/ ^@@^ (Credit: Mentholatum China, 10/4 and 9/29.)



~ by Cloud USA on October 8, 2015.

2 Responses to “[12 images] Rain sponsor check. (The latest from MCM, Lotte, LOVO, and MENtholatum.)”

  1. Love all the photos here. thanks for posting! Favourite ones are the one with him in red for the LOVO ad (nice hair style!) and the one with him smiling looking down the ground for the MCM ad. 🙂

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