[guest post][5 fan arts] BiAlamode: South Korea’s Rain — America’s Asian Persuasion, Part 1.


South Korea’s Rain — America’s Asian Persuasion, Part 1.

— by D. LaShore (BiAlamode @ CloudUSA)

Uh-oh, what is this? Bi is back on the market? A free agent again? Riding solo? Well, I knew it was only a matter of time. Yep, sure did, only a matter of time. Hey, I’m talking about his recent departure from Cube Entertainment. Seriously, like what did you think I was talking about? 😉 Hmm, so, looks like Bi is going to split the different sides of his career between an established agency and a one-man agency dedicated to his entertainment needs and his needs only. Could it really be?

I’ve got only one thing to say, if this will indeed be the case… How fly is that?!

Sooo, me thinking the way I think sometimes… I thought, well, if Bi is going to be partially representing himself, then there really will be no limit as to where he can offer his talented wares. He can showcase his talented self to a myriad of entertainment entities, more specifically entertainment entities in the U.S. (Good mercy, just got a chill.)

I think Clouds know by now that Dee is going to put her two cents into the mix. We all know Rain is about his music and stage performances, but where he will get the most exposure within the American mainstream the fastest and for a prolonged period of time? Yes, I will say it – the small screen. Oh, that’s not to say that he shouldn’t be on the Big Screen too, because he should.

But Rain needs to be on American televisions weekly and, of course, I’ve got ideas. You know I do.

First up… the Sci-Fi series Defiance.

Rain could be just about any character he chooses to be on this show. First and foremost, I picture him as an alien from galaxies unknown and of course the possibilities are endless in that regard. He could also be the sexy new sheriff come to town or quite possibly the enemy leader of yet another neighboring faction… makes no difference, he’ll fit them all quite nicely.



Angels and demons, anyone? Why yes, yes indeed. Rain with angel wings sprawled outward from his broad, sexy shoulders? Yeah, we’ve seen him with wings before…


Rain’s 4th album Rain’s World image credit: Rainy Entertainment / Rain’s official website

So to that end, the Sci-Fi series Dominion would be an excellent choice for him. Is he one of the Father’s good angels or an 8-ball demon angel? Hmm, Rain as a sinister bad boy demon angel…

Oh yes, I can certainly see it, Rain getting into all kinds of devilment. Have mercy on our poor souls!


Sleepy Hollow.

I’m also thinking Ichabod Crane and Abigail Mills could use another “partner in crime” on their weekly adventures. While they continue their never-ending efforts to thwart demonic forces in Sleepy Hollow, enter Rain as a sexy demon hunter come to help Crane and Mills save mankind… or maybe not. Maybe a demonic spirit would be a character Rain could sink his teeth into.

Either way, I think he’d be a perfect choice.



Now my next suggestion some folks might label as “out-of-the-box”, but I don’t think so. The latest mainstream hit TV series Empire is not a stretch. Hear me out, peeps.

The show is about an African-American music mogul, his family and his musical empire, true enough, but what is at the center of the show besides the Lyon family? That’s right, music. We all know Rain and music go hand in hand. This is what I see… Each week the show features various real life and some fictional musical guest star appearances. Enter Rain… not as a performer necessarily, but as a K-Mogul/music exec bringing his K-Hip-Hop act to the States to partner up with other hip-hop artists in the U.S. The goal would be to garner more international exposure, while making some money in the process. Hmm, sounds vaguely familiar does it not?

Taking this scenario one step further, I can also picture his K-Hip-Hop/R&B act as Tiger JK and his wife Yoon Mirae (visually speaking) as that fictional group. Yes, I know, awesome as hell, right? Rain on American network TV, other K-artists on American network TV, talk about a win-win for all parties involved. Since the show is on fire at the moment, I would say Rain and company should be all up on this puppy. K-fans in the U.S. would lose their natural minds if this were to take place. Like, seriously!



My last suggestion could also be put into the “out-of-the-box” category, but oh well, what the hell, here it is anyway.

Even though we would only see Rain on the screen for a brief period of time, it is still possible for him to bring a character to life on Tyrant. I know, I know… first I suggest Rain for a show with primarily African-Americans, now I suggest Rain for a show with those who are primarily of Middle Eastern descent. Well, here’s the skinny. Those who watch the show, like I do, know that there is a recurring story line regarding the Chinese government. The President (played by actor Ashraf Barhom) is trying to get his troubled (fictional) country Abuddin to be viewed as a true world power and he has solicited the Chinese government to invest in his country.

Yes, you guessed it. Enter Rain as yet another official of the Chinese government or a new politico on the scene.

This is a story line that was introduced albeit briefly and hasn’t been revisited as yet, but I think it’s still a viable story line. I also think with the right actor bringing the right amount of moxie, this story line has the potential to bring really strong commentary to its viewing audience. To be fair, the show has had mixed reviews here in the U.S., but all in all I think it’s a show that is relevant to the times we are surely living in.


I know not everyone will agree with my choices and that’s cool, but I’ve given Rain’s career in the U.S. a lot of thought and I didn’t pick these shows just to pick them. Do I watch these shows personally? Yes, I do. I watch each of them and I think they are all great shows. For the most part, they are shows either highly popular right now or continually growing in popularity (in the case of Tyrant) and would give Rain maximum exposure in the U.S. mainstream market. If he were to star in or do an extended guest starring stint on any one of these shows, he would soon become a household name in this country and not just among his Clouds (cause we talk about him e’eryday all day and some of us more than that… 🙂 ). I also didn’t want to pick obvious shows like Fresh Off The Boat, for precisely that reason – it’s an obvious choice and would be expected.

The goal is for Rain to showcase his talented self to the U.S. mainstream masses all the while showing his versatility as an actor, not just an Asian actor. It’s my belief that weekly TV shows is the most expedient way to do that. I chose these shows specifically and quite simply because I have seen how one’s race/ethnicity need not be a factor. Many of the roles on these shows are not race specific, which is an awesome thing. This would give Rain “free reign” to come to U.S. television and just wreak havoc on us women (and some guys too) from coast to coast.

If Rain takes me up on even one of my suggestions, I can all but guarantee that he will become the next bona fide “Asian Persuasion” in the U.S. He would be second only to the late legendary Bruce Lee, believe that.

Well, that’s all that’s fit to print from me for now. I’d love to hear your thoughts, though. What do you think? Where should Rain set up shop next? The U.S. gets my vote. Yeah, no surprise there!

Until next time, peeps.

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~ by Cloud USA on October 7, 2015.

22 Responses to “[guest post][5 fan arts] BiAlamode: South Korea’s Rain — America’s Asian Persuasion, Part 1.”

  1. Moi en France je ne connais que Sleepy Hollow , j’ai vraiment accroché à cette série , donc je penche pour celle ci ou Rain pourrai aller 😉

    (Me in France, I only know Sleepy Hollow, I am really hooked on this series, so I lean towards this when it comes to Rain. 🙂 ^@@^)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Lydie, I think Sleepy Hollow is an excellent choice. There’s a myriad of supernatural characters he could possibly bring to life. Thanks for commenting!


  2. who is Rain’s American management team? someone should tweet this idea to Lee Daniel’s the creator of the show to feature Rain in one of his episodes…..maybe a love interest and not just a walk on..

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s an awesome idea DeeDee59! Hopefully Clouds and Rain fans on Twitter will do just that. If Mr. Daniels gets enough tweets, then Rain just may get that phone call. SMILES Thanks so much for your comments.


    • You know, your suggestion for Rain to be a “love interest” on Empire made me think more about that prospect. I also began to think under what circumstance(s) this could occur. Who knows what their future story lines may hold, however, below are a few possibilities (IMHO) as story lines stand right now.

      (1) Love interest for Cookie – this could be a distant possibility, he could be a new bodyguard for her. He could possibly be a new business associate who partners in her new record company start-up or an international talent she just so happens to find. However, they have just brought on cutie pie Adam Rodriguez to be Cookie’s new love interest. So I don’t think Rain could be paired with her. I’m not sure I would “believe” them as a couple either and certainly not for obvious reasons. Everyone knows how I feel about blasian love. SMILES.

      (2) Love interest for Jamal – now This is an even further distant possibly. Although, I think JiHoon (the person) would be daring enough to play this type of character, I think Rain (the Korean megastar) would not be able to do it because his Korean fans would have a conniption. They can’t take him “fake kissing” women in his videos, so I don’t see this as a viable possibility.

      (3) Love interest from Andre and wife’s past – Rain could possibly be a former love interest from Andre’s wife’s past that comes on the scene and tries to stir trouble for their rocky marriage. Also, since the two of them have done some “way-over-the-top” sexual things all in the name of Empire records, Rain could possibly be someone come to black mail these two. Then we could watch the sexual intrigue begin. Since their character’s are expecting a baby, a black mail plot could work.

      (4) Love interest to Naomi Campbell’s banished character – If Naomi’s character is brought back (as we know series television does all the time), then she can come back hell bent on revenge, with her new sexy as hell Asian lover Rain. This could be his entree onto the show and once this new character of his is introduced to e’erybody he will begin to stir up all kinds of trouble.

      (5) Lastly, love interest for Anika (Boo Boo Kitty) – This, to me, is Rain’s most viable option as a love interest for one of the main characters on the show. Anika’s character was introduced as one in charge of international business relations on the first season. She’s a product of the “black bourgeois” set. She’s educated, rich, cultured and snobbish. Pairing her with an international “man of mystery” would be perfect. It would definitely set Lucious’ teeth on edge. His jealousy would be palpable and it would make for some interesting dynamics between Rain and Terrence Howard as actors. Anika’s character is adrift between Empire and Lyon Dynasty right now, but once she gets her footing again, she will return to her bourgeois ways, or so I feel. She certainly knows her way around the international crowd and Rain could definitely be the one to be either a new business associate or new talent come to stir up lots of sexy trouble.

      Good Lord, I want this man on Empire! SMILES………………………

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I was thinking the same thing, that Empire would be a good choice for him. I love the idea of Rain appearing on DWTS. I could also see him in the series Sense8, and/or Marco Polo if the series continues.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely yes! I’ve also watched Sense8 and Marco Polo. I hope Netflix won’t let me down and continues both of those shows. I like to watch a variety of things, seems you do too. I think Rain will be awesome on American TV, we just have to get him here. SMILES.

      Thanks so much for your comment!


  4. Very interesting idea I hope Rain got to take it into consideration. By the way is Dancing with the Stars still on the air in the US if so Rain can join that show also to showcase his very excellent dancing moves. Absolutely brilliant idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, DWTS is still on the air here in the U.S. and would be another great way to bring Rain to American TV. It would be very interesting to see him take on ballroom dance too. Thank you for your comment!


  5. OMG, Empire. Yes, yes, YES.

    Terri :-}

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I think the EMPIRE idea 👍is a fantastic way for RAIN to “refresh” his presence in the USA. I believe he would fit right in. I am going to call him up and tell him to come thru! 😙

    PS: Hey BiAlamode!😊 how r u gurl?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Dnetta! It’s been a while, how are you? Hope all has been well.

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. I believe Rain would be awesome on Empire, because it’s a show that blends both of Rain’s occupations….music and acting. Rain is excellent at both and he could fit into just about any scenario on that show.


      • Yes. RAIN would blend into *any* show..👍👍👍
        For example, I can also see him as a guest celebrity on America’s Next Top Model!! I can really imagine that because he used to be a former model and he still models frequently for for just about everyone & everything! He is truly the man! 😎


        • What the U.S. needs is Rain’s brand of sexy. That kind of sexy hasn’t come from an Asian male entertainer in a long, long time in this country. Rain will make the mainstream viewing audience over here say “Dayuum, who Is that?” Because Americans (as a whole) still don’t “see” Asian males from that perspective. There have been a few bright spots, but all in all….too few and far between. I swear my mind races with ideas with Rain in mind sometimes, because he won’t just be the typical Asian male character. His screen presence commands much more than that and with the right show, American audiences will definitely see it too. I know Rain can do it. SMILES.

          Speaking of ANTM, Justin and Mame (gorgeous couple)…….Loved them together! That’s the kind of sexy I’m talking about too. Rain would make an awesome guest judge on ANTM and several other shows too. Personally, I think he would be a great guest mentor on The Voice, a show that is also completely….Rain (musically speaking). SMILES.


          • Hello Ms. BiAlamode,

            Rain would be awesome as a judge on ANTM. He would bring a lot of fashion knowledge and cool fashion ideas to the show because he is creative… like I mentioned before, he was a model in his younger years and he still continues to model for many different markets.

            Watching Justin on ANTM kinda made me think of RAIN; the swag, the coolness, the nice body, the handsomeness/sexiness and all… that guy is gorgeous! I wish he could have stayed longer on the show…😟

            Liked by 2 people

            • Yes, Justin did have that same kinda “Rain swag.” I believe his nickname on the show was “J-Smooth” and smooth he was. He is the total package just like Rain. I like guys like that. The kind that know they are sexy, but don’t feel the need to be all up in people’s faces showing off. Now THAT’S what makes “me” take notice. SMILES. People will notice without you even having to say a word…..believe that. Yeah, I hate he was voted off too.

              As far as Rain goes, I’m just ready………..for whatever he brings to the States. I’m ready Bi!! SMILES………….


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