[article][excerpt] Chinese viewers love new TV drama “Diamond Lover”.

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DeadlineHollywood.com 8/3/2015 — written by Nancy Tartaglione


diamond-lover1Chinese Viewers Love Diamond Lover

Chinese audiences are flocking to romance drama Diamond Lover, an original series from DMG Entertainment. Across the Middle Kingdom, 1.45B viewers have tuned in online since its July 20 debut.

Diamond Lover is at the midway point of its run on two national broadcast networks and VOD sites including Youku.com, Tudou.com, iQIYI.com, Letv.com and qq.com. Viewership reached 400M views within the first three days. This bests DMG’s previous biggest hit, All Quiet In Peking, which earned a cumulative 400M viewers.

Korean superstar Rain stars in Diamond Lover as a cold, overbearing, manipulative business executive; Tang Yan as a disfigured young woman who will undergo a metamorphosis; Luo Jin as an awkward obstetrician; and Di Li Re Ba as a glamorous movie star. The characters are placed under intense pressure that will either transform them into diamonds or crush them.

DMG is in talks with various regional broadcasters to syndicate the show across Asia when it finishes its initial run in mid-August. DMG TV’s upcoming original scripted titles include Lonely Battle and Little Woman.

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4 Responses to “[article][excerpt] Chinese viewers love new TV drama “Diamond Lover”.”

  1. Moi je suis une fan Française et je suis aussi impatiente , sauf pour moi une traduction en français serai aussi la bienvenue 😉


  2. That’s great……..for Chinese viewers. I’m glad it’s doing well (BTW). I just wish this drama was treated like Korean dramas and subtitled as they go along, like Dramafever or Viki. This drama is a long one from what I can gather, like 40 something episodes so far (if I’m not mistaken).

    Once again, Western fans will be waiting quite a long time before we can enjoy this drama in earnest. I can listen to Korean without subtitling if need be, but listening to Chinese without subtitles………not so much. The powers that be Still don’t get how to tap into the Western side of things (IMHO). We want to watch the damned thing now too. I see 10 million photo stills in my timeline on Facebook of a drama I can’t enjoy yet. So not cool. If it is subtitled somewhere, please do tell. I’ve only seen one episode so far.

    They keep forgetting, Rain has MANY fans in the West who are English speakers. They need to be about that subtitling quicker. Yes, I know I sound like an impatient American. Well, in this regard I am.



  3. I’m so, so happy this drama is popular! keep the good work!!

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