[Rain mention][article][excerpt] China’s Love Affair With Irresistible Korean TV.

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A very interesting write-up in The New York Times about how Korean TV and its stars have flooded China after K-drama My Love From Another Star, and how the people can’t get enough. Cool. 🙂

south_koreaThe New York Times 7/20/2015 — written by Amy Qin

China’s love affair with irresistible Korean TV


Faced with the limits, popular streaming websites like Sohu, iQiyi and Youku want to develop their own Korean-inspired content to sate the country’s appetite for the programming, part of a broader fascination with Korean popular culture. That has meant trying to tap into South Korea’s secret sauce — the magic formula that has turned the country into a pop-culture juggernaut that churns out viral exports like the singer and rapper Psy, the singer Rain and hits like “My Love From Another Star.”

» You can read this article in its entirety on The New York Times HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on July 27, 2015.

One Response to “[Rain mention][article][excerpt] China’s Love Affair With Irresistible Korean TV.”

  1. Yay! Getting Rain’s name out there! That’s how I got interested and therefor hooked!! I predict many more Rain fans across the US because of this tiny mention in article. 🙂

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