[6 images] Rain check: Pics from China, 7/12 & 14. (Psssst… does Rain have a new skincare sponsor?)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

7/12. Okay, y’all. What I came up with concerning these pics in Beijing may or may not be correct… there’s a language barrier, so bear with me! The person who posted these pics on Weibo appears to be an employee of 纪兰熙 (Ji Lanxi, a skin care line?) and these two people are the company president and his wife. Something was also mentioned about Rain “shooting advertising” and “joining us.” Hmm! I wonder? 🙂 ^@@^

(Images credit: 纪兰熙-姗姗 Ji Lanxi Agencies)


7/12. Rain in Beijing. I couldn’t get to the post, or I’d probably know a little more about this lady… (Whaddaya wanna bet she’s in skin care? heheh~) ^@@^

(Image credit: 沙棘宝宝-)


7/14. This young lady posted these pics of herself and Rain (and another cutie) on her Weibo account. I don’t know who she is, but it seems she is an entrepreneur with businesses in skincare and fashion. (Skin care again, eh?) ^@@^

(Images credit: 郭紫欣– Guo Zixin– as tagged)



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