[Eng trans] Instagrams abound: “Rain, eat lots of good food today & have a wonderful birthday.” (6/25)

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(Image and post credit: randynoh @ IG, 6/5.)

Show Director productions head honcho Randy Noh is a long-time hyung and has directed many of Rain’s concert tours as well as other top singers’ concerts in South Korea. You can see some of Mr. Noh’s previous posts about Rain in our previous post HERE.

It’s no surprise to us that he publicly wished his little bro a happy birthday on his Instagram.

[English translation: Sonya @ Cloud USA. Words in brackets are clarifications by Sonya.]

On June 25, many meaningful events have happened. Today is 1) Korean historical pain [The Korean War], 2) the 6th death anniversary of the King of Pop [Michael Jackson], 3) proud #1 of Korea #Worldstar #비 #Rain #JungJiHoon Rain’s birthday.

I recall the memory… While putting together the #Legend of Rainism Tour, Rain was so sad that his birthday coincided with the death of Michael Jackson at that time. In Michael’s memory, Rain gave a great performance mixing #Billie Jean into the intro part of “It’s Raining.”

Rain, eat lots of delicious foods today. Have a wonderful time [birthday].

Jackson brother, hope you stay happy in heaven always. #마이클잭슨 #MichaelJackson #ThisIsIt

RandyNohRain*Note from Sonya: The Show Director called Rain the “proud No.1 of Korea.” I like it. I also like Michael Jackson, so I was so sad that he passed away then because I had really expected that Rain and his idol “MJ” would meet each other someday, as was Rain’s wish. I recall that Rain said, “There was an opportunity to meet him, but [unfortunately]​ I couldn’t make it because something had suddenly come up.” /endnote

That makes two of us, Sonya. I’ve always been saddened by the fact that MJ died on Rain’s birthday and that Rain never got to meet the man who inspired him so very much. I’m really glad that Mr. Noh posted these poignant words so that we all could read them.

I’ll always remember Rain’s “Billie Jean” dance break from LOR Saitama in August 2009, two months after we lost Michael. Loved it!

Stephe @ Cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org


~ by Cloud USA on June 27, 2015.

3 Responses to “[Eng trans] Instagrams abound: “Rain, eat lots of good food today & have a wonderful birthday.” (6/25)”

  1. What great performances! Thanks for sharing

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  2. During my whole life I was a fan only of these two men – Michael Jackson and Rain. Coincidence? i think not!:)

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  3. So glad that Rain’s been enjoying food and Had a great time celebrating his birthday. Thanks for sharing!


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