[20 images] Rain check.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

At Incheon International Airport in Seoul. Sponsor J.VJQ Cosmetics in China is a’ calling. (Images: @mujige, 6/27)



Who’s that at CDL? keke~ (Image credit: jjunghee0311, 6/25)



Cloud Japan put together a wonderful book for Rain’s birthday that not only contained their own greetings but global Clouds’ greetings as well. Awesome, Hina! ❤ (Images: Hina @The Cloud)



MENtholatum Rain all the way down an escalator?? *swoons and hits head* @_@ (Image credit: 眭枫枫爱雨, 6/25)



Rain and Alex at the Hoy Company Cafe. (Image credit: hello_leeji @Instagram, 6/1.)



Actor Kim Hyung Jong tweeted on 6/19 about meeting up with old friends at the VIP showing of new movie Minority Opinion.




(Image credit: chef_rok @IG, 6/18)

Chef Shin Je Rok (a.k.a. chef_rok) has posted pictures and autographs of Rain and other celebrities who have visited his restaurant 뿅뿅샤제록 (PyonpyonSha Je Rok). He’s the only chef in Korea who can make Morioka cold noodles, and he is the brother of actor Shin Sung Rok. ^@@^



Fresh pics from the past: On the My Lovely Girl set last year, 8/22/2014. Nice! (Images credit: DC Rain Gall)



~ by Cloud USA on June 27, 2015.

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