[14 images] Rain sponsor check. (LOVO, Lotte, LAviva, MENtholatum… and J.VJQ at last!)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

One of the latest images by Mentholatum China. (Image credited as tagged)


Mentholatum China also wished Rain a happy birthday on their Weibo, 6/25. Aww. ❤



Another LAviva fan event on Weixin, and another happy birthday wish for Rain, 6/25.



Lotte Hotel Busan wished Rain a happy birthday on their Instagram, 6/25.



Holy cow!! J.VJQ Cosmetics in China has finally shown up in the mix! They’ve been riding the Rain Train since March 2011. Rain, Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Sun Hee all on deck for a brand event. (Images credit: the official JVJQ Weibo)






Lotte Hotel Busan on their Instagram, 6/25. (Image credit: lottehotel_busan)



LOVO & Tuzki, 6/25. (Image credit: 罗莱家纺lovo潮流家居生活 @Weibo)


~ by Cloud USA on June 27, 2015.

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