[Cloud USA video][letter] Happy Birthday, Rain! You’re our flashlight…


Dearest Rain,

It seems that every time we think we can’t get any more proud of you, you accomplish another goal or succeed with another project and we do. And we know that when life throws us across its inevitable rough patches, most times we can simply look back on your experiences and get our bearings, and step forward with confidence.

We know that you’re not perfect, and you don’t have to be. Not for us.

Thanks for being a motivator.

Thanks for being influential.

Thanks for being a pioneer with an unbending work ethic.

Thanks for being kind, and an inspiration.

Thanks for making us laugh, and laugh, and laugh. (And scream, and scream, and scream, Lol~)

Thanks for enriching our lives, and bringing us new friends and comrades.

Thanks for being our flashlight. ❤

On behalf of Terri :-}, our beloved Cloud USA staff and community, and Global Clouds and Rain fans around the world —


And may you have many, many more. 건배!

— Stephe ^@@^

(Credit and edit: JJ @ CloudUSA / rainthetreasure / CloudUSAChannel @YT. Music: Jessie J, “Flashlight.” PLEASE support the artist. Thanks!)


~ by Cloud USA on June 25, 2015.

9 Responses to “[Cloud USA video][letter] Happy Birthday, Rain! You’re our flashlight…”

  1. OMG I have not been able to be on the computer for a while. So I missed this day. I want to still say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Rain and many many more!!!!! Also, the video was awesome!!!!!


  2. Happy Birthday RainRain! All the best!!!🐢🎉😊


  3. Beau poème !!
    Oui grâce a lui , j’ai aussi réussi beaucoup de chose !
    Happy Birthday a Mon Ange comme j’aime le nommer lol

    Merci à tous les Clouds
    C’est vrai que grâce à lui on a des ami(e)s partout dans le monde !

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  4. Happy Birthday Rain…


  5. Thanks Cloudusa, by beautiful video “Flashlight”, see my picture there I get excited much part of that video I am filled with pride, my precious angel as I always say illuminates my life, thanks again for letting me be part of that beautiful dream to wish the man more beautiful all the best

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  6. Happy 33rd birthday to Rain. You don’t look a day over 23!! Enjoy your day, you deserve it and spoil yourself and give to yourself today. Wish I could celebrate with you ( in person). This is a bittersweet day for me because I’m still mourning Michael Jackson’s death and celebrating Rain’s life. Love you Rain!!!


  7. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sweetness! Just like “fine wine”….getting better and better with each passing year. Yes indeed. SMILES!


  8. Happy birthday baby! I will forever love you!


  9. Happy Birthday to Rain ^^

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