[17 images][2 Eng trans] Rain check. (Of My Lovely Girl, Lotte, CDL, and CEO Yang’s restaurant launch party.)

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Looks like a My Lovely Girl 4-disk DVD box set is going on sale in Japan come August 4. Nice! One place in particular is here, HMV Online. (Images source: HMV Japan / courtesy of Scorpiola)




Lotte Hotel pictures posted by a fan. Cool! (Images credit: Rainism @FB, as tagged)



We’re so glad that Rain has friends who love putting him on their social media from time to time. Love it! Good friends (including Rain and BbaekGa) all spending time together at CDL… and everyone on their phones instead of conversating. keke~ (Image credit: 100ddoro @IG)

“셋이서 즐거운 수다!?” #청담#CDL#주말#대화없음#에바#빽가#비

English translation: Sonya @ CloudUSA. “A pleasant chat with three?!” #Cheongdam #CDL #weekend #nodialogue #Ava #Bbaega #Rain​



An unexpected yet pleasant meet-up at CDL. Gotta love that hat. I don’t give a – 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: 100ddoro @IG)



Fans and Clouds are noticing that Rain (not only Sarangie) is at CDL a lot these days. They be gettin’ those sneaky shots too, hehe~ Eh, Rain… the jig is up, haha. 😉 (Images credit: wantan0625 / jjing629 / 陆美智 / tmrllbbetter / lookjm)




June 4: Rain arriving at YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s new restaurant launch in the Hongdae area of Seoul, and being greeted by co-owner Noh Hee Young (also in black glasses). Also, Rain with actress Ko So Young (Mrs. Jang Dong Gun!!!) and restaurant co-owner Noh. (Images: Noh Hee Young / hino2033 / as tagged)



Rain/CEO Yang image credit: Noh Hee Young (hino2033). “지훈이와 지훈이가젤좋아하는 YG형 ~~^^”

English translation: Sonya @ CloudUSA. “Ji-hooni and YG hyung (senior brother) whom Ji-hooni likes best~~^^”


~ by Cloud USA on June 17, 2015.

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