[7 images] Rain check. (Of an auction donation, that Fabulous crew, and nice long legs.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Rain has donated a pair of shoes to the 2015 Love Flea Market Auction (for the benefit of children), that is affiliated with global lifestyle shopping brand MIMIMAC (미미마끄). Oh JiHo and other Korean celebs donated items as well. ^@@^

(Images credit: cosmania @ cafe naver / mimimac_official Instagram / mimimackorea Instagram)

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. .-😍#MIMIMAC #미미마끄와 #비 #rain #정지훈 #이영애 #이태란 #leeyoungae #오지호 등등 . #sos어린이행사#연예인소장품경매 .-비(정지훈) 어깨 너무 듬직하고 복근이 유명하죠?? .-#신발 을 기부하셨어요👟👟 . .-이영애 무슨화장품사용하는지 피부가 너무 좋아요~ .-#가방 을 기부하셨어요👜👝 . .-이태란 실제모습이 훨씬 이뻐용^^ .-#sunglasses 기부하셨어요😎 . .-오지호 옆집 오빵같아요😆😆 . ..www.mimimac.co.kr .상품 문의: 샵📞&카톡: feel1063 .디에스컴즈(주) 미미마끄 . .. #강남 #신사동 #미미마끄 #MIMIMAC #가로수길 #디자이너 #sos어린이행사 #비 #hollywood #sosbabykids #bag #shair #singer #kpop #worldstar #jungjihoon #sain #서울 #목동

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Looking fine on the streets of Seoul. Posted 5/22. (Image credited as tagged)



Rain and his Fabulous Ones in Shanghai. They be all Diamond Supply-ed up, Grizzly-style. ^@@^

(Image credit: Park KyungYeol / gori7911 @ Instagram, 5/20.)


Whether he’s in Shanghai… (Image credited as tagged)


…or at Incheon Airport in Seoul, those shoulders and those legs always give him away. 😉 ^@@^ (Image credit: amethvivi)


~ by Cloud USA on May 26, 2015.

2 Responses to “[7 images] Rain check. (Of an auction donation, that Fabulous crew, and nice long legs.)”

  1. Oh my! Bad fashion style but nice figure awwwwwww gonna fall for you again ^^


  2. Those legs, those legs, those legs, Whew!


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