[4 clips][1 fan cam][images] Rain video salad.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Y’all know the drill. Toss lightly and enjoy however you like. 🙂


The longer version of the MCM x Beats By Dre listening & launching event video in New York, 5/12. (Source credit: MCM China @youku. Courtesy of Alisa Rain @YT.)



Lotte Hotels & Resorts promotional video. Taken by a Cloud sister at Rain’s Japanese fan meet in Seoul, 4/25. Gorgeous! (Credit: ino5301 @YT.)

(Captures source: terry820625)


Star Daily News. Rain at Incheon Airport, 5/19. (Credit: stardailynews @YT.)



» Quick cam LINK: Rain leaving the Shanghai Grand Stage, 5/19. Credit: JOYDO大迪 @ weibo)


Fan cam. That handsome hunk of Rain gets out of the car and makes his way into the 2015 Met Gala in NYC, 5/4. (Credit: Scorpiola)

~ by Cloud USA on May 26, 2015.

One Response to “[4 clips][1 fan cam][images] Rain video salad.”

  1. Thanks for the updates Stephe!


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