[articles][links] From Stephe’s desk: Must-reads on DramaFever.


For those of you who might have missed any of them these past few months. Some are mine, and some were written by my very cool DF colleagues. Happy reading! ^@@^

[Apr 22] Rain named Most Influential Artist at the 19th China Music Awards

[Apr 14] 15 Must-see K-dramas starring the Kings of K-pop

[Apr 14] 12 Spectacular Korean celebrity fails

[Apr 9] Can you identify these 14 sexy Korean celebs by their abs?

[Apr 8] Stars come out to support film Salute D’Amour at its VIP screening

[Apr 7] See the rib-tickling trailer for Rain’s Chinese drama Diamond Lover

[Apr 2] 12 Throwback photos of Korean celebrities in their school uniforms

[Mar 24] Two important ways Rain supported girl group CLC’s recent debut

[Mar 18] LOVO consumers choose Rain as the online brand’s new spokesperson

[Mar 10] See 12 gorgeous stills from Rain’s new drama “Diamond Lover”


~ by Cloud USA on April 23, 2015.

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