[MVs] From Stephe’s desk: Great minds… “In My Bed.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Yep, someone was sleeping in their beds, messing with their heads. Someone was taking their place.

At least Sisqó got a little bit of a reward for his pain. Poor Rain was just left out in the cold. (What kind of crazy weed was that chick smokin’, cheating on Rain? I mean, he’s RAIN. That does not even compute! 😛 *shaking my head* LOL!) ^@@^

In My Bed. Rain (비)

In My Bed. Dru Hill

~ by Cloud USA on April 10, 2015.

6 Responses to “[MVs] From Stephe’s desk: Great minds… “In My Bed.””

  1. Stephe Thank you


  2. Ok and this has nothing to do with your post really…..BUT, seeing Rain behind the wheel of that sexy sports car got me thinking. I’m so “itching” to see him in another Hollywood pic. Hubby and I just saw “Furious 7″ this past weekend and dammit if Bi wouldn’t look So Damned Good in a Fast and Furious movie. Gosh…”goosebumps” just thinking about it. I wish I could tell him so bad…..”Baby Bi, it’s time boo. It’s time for another Hollywood movie.”

    Hey, it doesn’t have to be Fast and Furious….The Bourne franchise, Mission Impossible franchise, The X-Men franchise, a villain in the 007 franchise……I could see him in every last one. Yes, these are action films…BUT there’s room for some suave, grown man sexy in at least two of those franchises. Tailored suits and fast cars?? and Bi too???….HAVE MERCY!

    (*hangs head as she waves to Bi getting on yet another plane to China*)

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  3. Look, that opening scene alone in Rain’s video would be enough to keep me in bed….(*just saying…Good Mercy!*). I’d be like….”Work??….I gotta get up and do what??….bills??…what’s that?!… umm……….BUSY!”

    (*Sssh, don’t tell hubby*) SMILES……………………

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