[interview][Eng + dubbed] CCTV News: South Korean entertainer Rain on Chinese TV drama. (3/24)

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CCTV.com English 3/25/2015 — Fei Ye, Reporting

South Korean entertainer Rain on new Chinese drama


South Korean music sensation Rain made an appearance in Shanghai on Saturday for a promotional event. We sat down with the multi-talented singer where he shared his current projects in China and talked about his transition from a singer to an actor.

Singer, songwriter, actor, music producer. South Korea’s most popular entertainer wears many hats. Rain now a global star, was recently in Shanghai on Saturday where he took time to catch up with some of his Chinese fans.

CCTV News reporter sat down with the multi-talented singer where he shared his current projects in China and talked about his transition from a singer to an actor.

“I’m really excited to be here to see my Chinese fans again. They are so supportive and warm. I can’t believe many of them traveled so far to be here today. I’m very very grateful for them,” Rain said.

“You are a successful singer and actor, which one do you enjoy more,” asked Fei Ye, CCTV News reporter.

“I like both roles equally, in a way they compliment each other. I started out as a dancer and singer so that was something I was most familiar with. When I was transforming into an actor, in the beginning it was a bit difficult as I had to be more versatile and portray someone else very accurately. Now it comes very naturally,” Rain said.


“I know that you are filming ‘Diamond Lover’ your first Chinese drama right now. How has that experience been so far,” Fei asked.

“The experience has been great with the director and other actors and I’ve learned a lot from them. But I have to tell you learning Chinese is difficult so I speak a little bit of it in the drama. People sometimes think certain Korean and Chinese words sound similar so it shouldn’t be that hard. But to speak with the right tone and emotions is difficult in either languages,” Rain said.

Jung Ji-hoon or better known by his stage name Rain started out as a backup dancer. At age 16 he sang as member of a boy band called Fanclub. The band didn’t garner much attention so in 2002 Rain ventured as a solo artist with his first album [noo1]. Rain’s musical career includes seven albums with singles such as ‘It’s Raining’ and ‘Rainism’ topping the charts in several Asian countries and selling millions of copies worldwide. Rain made his US film debut in 2008 with ‘Speed Racer’. He then became the first Korean born actor to play a main role in a Hollywood movie with ‘Ninja Assassin’.

From a pop icon to culture ambassador, Rain is a favourite among people of all ages, from young girls to middle age women to grandmothers. Saturday’s event has drawn hundreds of people to Shanghai and we talked to some of his most loyal followers.

“I’ve been a fan of Rain for many years now and I think it has influenced my daughter as well who really likes his La Song,” said a Chinese fan.

“He works so hard and is such a positive person. And even though he is so famous he stays very humble and he is so polite to all his fans and staff, that’s why we love him. Wherever he goes we go,” said a Chinese fan.

“He tries his best and his attitude to try his best is very attractive to us. My favorite song is Rainism, It’s Raining, I’m Coming, and of course La Song and 30 sexy,” said a Japanese fan.


“A lot of people look up to you and you are their role model. Do you have any advice for them? Anything that you wished other people have given you when you were young,” Fei asked.

“I’ve had a very difficult road to stardom in this industry and it’s sometimes hard to share those with people. But one thing that kept me going was determination and the focus of my goals and to keep going even when I failed at times. But I think young people need to find their centerpoint in life and what matters to them. As long as they can be balanced and follow their dreams they can achieve it,” Rain said.

“How do you keep yourself inspired? What are the things that inspires you,” Fei asked.

“I get inspired by different things in different situations. When I’m reading a good film script that draws emotions out of me that I didn’t know I was capable of inspires me. When I’m performing on stage, the different elements like the sound of fans cheering in combination with the different tonalities in music inspires me. And the little details in everyday life also inspires me,” Rain said.

“What’s next for you,” Fei asked.

“First I want to successfully finish this drama and then by end of this year I hope to start working on my next album and possibly a concert in China,” Rain said.

“Rain thank you for joining and have a good time in Shanghai,” said Fei.

“Thank you,” Rain said.

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  1. such a great interview!! He looks so lovely.


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