[images][LOVO] Rain check. (Refrigerator stickers, too!)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Catch-up post! 🙂

In mid-March, it was announced that Rain had been chosen by LOVO’s online customers to be the e-commerce giant’s new spokesperson for the next two years. It’s just now coming to my attention that while I did report this news on DramaFever, I somehow missed reporting it on this blog! THERE IS NOTHING ON THIS BLOG ABOUT LOVO. What the heck. How could that happen? I know it’s been a crazy couple of months, but still… *eeek!* Lol~

Sorry about that, y’all.

LOVO has an official Weibo account. You can visit it HERE. ^@@^


The latest imagery from new Rain sponsor LOVO Home.








Refrigerator stickers! (Images credit: 雨和希txbb / Cloud321dai_晨)




( ↓ Source: http://eqxiu.com/s/LJ2CFjUb?eqrcode=1#rd | *Note: When I went to this link, which plays music, my computer didn’t like it and hit me with a malicious Javascript warning. So use caution if you click.)


~ by Cloud USA on April 5, 2015.

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