[article][MV][live stage] Rain creates key choreography for CLC’s debut song “Pepe”.

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(Image credit: Cube Entertainment)

I don’t know about anyone else, but brand spankin’ new Cube Entertainment girl group CLC (CrystaL Clear) are straight-up cuties from their faces to their costuming to their moves and everything else about them. Love these girls. Well done, Cube!

And speaking of their moves, Rain creating key choreography for his debuting juniors’ song “Pepe” is awesome, indeed. Seniors supporting and giving back to the young’uns coming along under them says a lot. It also means these young ladies are tough as nails. Think about it. Having Mr. Legend In His Own Time, hawk-eyed Rain watch you do the dance steps he taught you, over and over again? *nerve-wracking* (Just ask MBLAQ!)

According to the girls, the chorus in particular is where Rain worked his magic, and while you don’t see much of the chorus in the official music video, you do see it in their live televised performances. I also noticed, though, that what little of the chorus dance you do see in the MV (more cutesy) is quite different from the chorus dance on stage (more sexy). Check it out below… the first 8-count is the same, the second 8-count is different. Did Rain do double-duty? ๐Ÿ™‚

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Official MV. (Source credit: CLC’s YouTube Channel)

Debut stage on M Countdown, 3/19. “Pepe” starts at minute marker 2:00. (Source credit: Mnet’s YouTube Channel)

MWave 3/18/2015 โ€” by Lee Min Ji (Newsen) / Translation credit: Grace Danbi Hong

Rain created the choreography for CLC’s debut title song

Cube’s new girl group, CLC, introduced its choreography.

On March 18, CLC held its debut showcase for first album, First Love, held at the AX-Hall in Kwangjin. There, the girls revealed that Rain choreographed their dance moves.


“The focal point of Pepe is the cuteness. The choreography for the chorus especially was created by Rain sunbaenim. The dance doesn’t come out in the music video. We’ll be showing it on stage, so look out for it.”

CLC is the first girl group from Cube Entertainment since 4minute six years ago. CLC represents crystal clear, hoping to become a bright and shining crystal in the music industry with no changes.

The first mini album will be released on March 19.

Photo Credit: Newsen/Jung Yoo Jin

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  1. So cute!

    Terri :-}


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