[article] Rain in talks to star in the Hong Sisters’ upcoming drama.

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SOOMPI News 3/21/2015 — written by deedeegii

Rain in talks to star in the Hong Sisters’ upcoming drama


It has been reported that singer-actor Rain is in talks to star in an upcoming drama by the Hong Sisters.

On March 22, a drama rep told Ilgan Sports, “Rain is currently thinking over a casting offer for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Feeling Good’ (working English title).” This drama was formerly known as “Jejudo Gatsby,” and model-actor Kim Woo Bin recently turned down an offer for a role in it.

If Rain is to accept, he will be acting as the drama’s male lead—a restaurant owner named Baek Gun Woo, and it will be his comeback to the small screen after six months since “My Lovely Girl.”

The actor to take on the main character will have to take cooking lessons prior to filming, as the role calls for the actor to cook first-hand.

“Feeling Good” is a ‘healing’ romance drama set in Jeju Island. It is said that actress Kang Sora is also in talks to star as the female lead. It is expected to begin airing this coming May.

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3 Responses to “[article] Rain in talks to star in the Hong Sisters’ upcoming drama.”

  1. I am still awaiting “The Prince,” “For Love or Money,” and there goes Rain again getting busy on another yet LOVABLE Production!! Can I get some love by seeing The Prince and For Love or Money, soon (like this year, perhaps)?!

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  2. May I ask how was the Chinese drama Diamond Lover? If your footage has already been finalized and it would affect the negotiations for the new drama Hong sisters?


  3. Yes, I read about this, Kim Woo Bin couldn’t take the part because of his schedule. Great for our RainRain

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