[results][poll][video] And the winner of the 1st DramaFever Actor Face-offs is… Rain!!

— Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


What a long, close final battle. A total of 16,600+ votes for these two talented hunks! Good showing, Rain Clouds and Lee MinHo fans! That’s how you represent for your favorites. Nicely, done. ^@@^

» You can read Wen Lui’s article (And the winner of the 1st DramaFever Actor Face-offs is… Rain!!) in DramaFever News HERE.



~ by Cloud USA on March 15, 2015.

9 Responses to “[results][poll][video] And the winner of the 1st DramaFever Actor Face-offs is… Rain!!”

  1. I am from india from the state of Tamilnadu.I was once a big fan of Lee min hoo after watching his serials in tv translated in my language(tamil).Later i started to watch some korean dramas through net.My first rain’s drama was My Lovely Girl.He looked so hansome in that dramam and i started to search for his information in net.Now i almost watched all his dramas and movies.I was quite impressed with his hard work showing in his Rain Effect.I don’t know whether he reads this comment or not.But i really wish him all success in his life for his countless hardwork he has done so far.Let his mom and God give him still lot more success for his future.ALL THE BEST.

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  2. Congratulations my beautiful angel.-


  3. Rain wears many hats in the talent world and he wears them well. I am not surprised that he won, he is so talented and oh so handsome. He deserves every recognition that comes his way because he works hard to achieve them. When are you coming to the United States, particularly New York, Pittsburgh or Las Vegas. Still waiting for you. As always, LOVE YOU RAIN !!!!

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  4. I think Rain is the best! Acting, dancing and singing! Can I say more?


  5. Thank God… Finally Rain Won!… Will keep on support u Rain…. Jst go on wid a flow…


  6. I love them both so it does not matter who wins. However, Rain is multi-talented, an actor, singer, dancer, composer. He is multi faceted. He is one of a kind. I don’t know if there will be another one like him in the KPOP world.

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    • I agree. I like them both as well, so I wouldn’t be mad whoever took the top prize. However, Rain is “big daddy” in MY Hallyu world, so I always like to see him in the number one spot on any poll. SMILES………………..


  7. Hi Stephen’ it’s been a minute since I’ve given my point of view, but all is good my Rain Drop is in GODS GOOD GRACES. He is so loved, his mom is looking down at her SWEET BABY SMILING and Oh so PROUD. I am so happy that he won cause the RAIN DROP makes you feel so good. I have never liked anyone so much as I do my Rain Drop I mean LOVED. As I said before I LOVE HIM AS GRANDSON, I WOULD LOVE TO HUG HIM AND EAT HIM UP. I SEND MY LOVE TO MY CLOUD FAMILY AND BLESS YOU ALL. LOVE ALWAYS G-MA

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  8. Clouds did great! P.S. So many rain haters in comments *sigh*


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