Playlist: 20 Best Rain Songs

My comment was ridiculously LONG, Lol~ You nailed this list and said it plain! Other Rain songs of note, IMHO, are “Props In My Life”, “Because of You”, “The Empty Space”, “Even You”, “Because I Was Too Hot”, “Slowly”, and “Familiar Face.” This Rain playlist gets a thumbs waaaaay up. — Stephe ^@@^

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Disclaimer:  This is Cloud fanservice from a fellow Cloud.

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~ by Cloud USA on March 11, 2015.

7 Responses to “Playlist: 20 Best Rain Songs”

  1. Here are my 20 Best Rain Songs.
    1 : With U
    2 : 12/9
    3 : It’s raining
    4 : Not a single day (Harudo )
    5 : One
    6 : Saranghae
    7 : No No No
    8 : Love Song
    9 : Love Story
    10 : How to avoid the sun
    11 : You Know
    12 : Marilyn Monroe
    13 : Fresh Woman
    14 : In my bed
    15 : Touch Ya
    16 : I can’t get used ( surtout dans le 1er concert )
    17 : Nan
    18 : Because of you
    19 : Familiar Face ( Tokyo dome )
    20 : 11 Days
    C’est ma liste , mais difficile de choisir !! Mais celle-ci font partie de mes préférée <3<3

    Bises de France Sœur Clouds

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  2. I have so many favorites, Because Of You, Move On, too many to name. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Je prépare ma playlist et je la partage avec vous demain -_^

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    • Merveilleux, Lydie! Oui, se il vous plaît le partager avec nous lorsque vous avez terminé!^^

      Wonderful, Lydie! Yes, please share it with us when you’re done!^^

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. Here are my 20 Best Rain Songs. (Please note that some of them are actually from live performances, where I believe Rain’s voice is best showcased.)

    01. One (Live) from Rain’s Last Concert (MNET)
    02. Dear Mama Don’t Cry (on Rain Effect CD)
    03. Your Sweet Smell (Your Perfume) by Yu Young-jin (Live) on Rain Effect, Ep. 6
    04. 11 Days (Live) on Rain’s Coming 2007 World Tour at Tokyo Dome Concert
    05. Love Story (Live) from Rain’s Last Concert (MNET)
    06. How to Avoid the Sun
    07. Him and Me (Feat. Dynamic Duo)
    08. Familiar Face
    09. Memory in My Hand
    10. I’m Just Looking
    11. Free Way
    12. Props in My Life
    13. A Thing Called Love (Love Is)
    14. Biggest Thing
    15. My Girl (Live)
    16. Busan Woman
    17. Nice & Slow (Live)_English Lyrics
    18. Baby (on Rain Effect CD)
    19. Without You
    20. No No No

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    • Nice, nice! “Him and Me” and “11Days” and “Love Is” and “Without You”… that’s some good listening!

      And you are so right about Rain live. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


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