[article] South Korean mega-star Rain’s Chinese TV drama debut to be in “Love Is Like Diamonds.”

written by Stephe Thornton, CloudUSA.org


Rain, leading lady Tang Yan, and DMG president Wu Bing at the “Love Is Like Diamonds” press conference in Shanghai. Image credit: DMG-Entertainment.com

South Korean entertainer Rain (a.k.a. Jung Ji Hoon) will be making his Chinese TV drama debut in the lead role of upcoming show “Love Is Like Diamonds” (a.k.a “Diamond Lover”) this year, produced by global distributor DMG Entertainment.

Starring with him will be Chinese A-listers Tang Yan (a.k.a Tiffany Tang), Luo Jin, and Di Li Re Ba.

DMG, based in Beijing, has recently co-produced Hollywood films Iron Man 3, Transcendence, and Looper. “Love Is Like Diamonds” will be China’s most expensive non-period production to date and the first of 10 TV dramas in DMG’s 2015 lineup.

“DMG is excited to be working with international sensation Rain on his first Chinese TV drama, and I’m personally thrilled to be working with him, especially on a story that is so touching, memorable and universal in its allure,” said DMG’s president Wu Bing. “Love Is Like Diamonds is a great start to a very big year for DMG’s TV division.”


Rain, his cast mates, and crew celebrate at the “Love Is Like Diamonds” press con in Shanghai. Image credit: DMG-Entertainment.com

Rain already ditched his nice guy image when he played an evil assassin in Hollywood film The Prince (2014) with Bruce Willis, a far cry from honorable killer “Raizo” in Ninja Assassin (2009). He’ll be doing it again in “Love Is Like Diamonds” when he plays overbearing, manipulative TESIRO Jewelry CEO “Xiao Liang”, while his co-stars play a disfigured woman, an awkward obstetrician, and a glamorous movie star.

From DMG’s official website: Like real diamonds, the show’s characters will be placed under intense pressure that will either transform them into diamonds or crush them. It’s this universal theme of brilliance through transformation that producers feel will resonate strongly with a variety of audiences.


Rain as cold, gloomy TESIRO business tycoon “Xiao Liang.” Image credit: DMG-Entertainment.com

In the past year and a half, after completing his mandatory military service in the R.O.K. Army, Rain’s face, body, stage performance skills, and acting chops have become even more well known in Chinese-speaking territories — if that’s even possible.

Health and beauty sponsors MENtholatum Professional Skincare for Men and J.VJQ Cosmetics remained firmly on board, and new sponsor Yves Saint Laurent China signed him for their newest Dangerous Rouge campaign. He made his Chinese movie debut in theaters in the lead role in film For Love or Money (2014). Rain has been no stranger to Chinese music festivals and TV variety shows either.

A television drama seems the best thing to next sink his teeth into, and that’s the road the international mega-star is taking.

Episodes for “Love Is Like Diamonds” have been in production in Nanjing, Shanghai, Belgium, and Seoul since December, and it is already one of the most anticipated shows of 2015.

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Sources: DMG Entertainment News / The Hollywood Reporter


South Korean international star Rain on the “Love Is Like Diamonds” set. Image credit: DMG-Entertainment.com

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