[fan art] From Stephe’s desk: Every time I grab a tissue now, it’ll Rain. :)


When our YouTube moderator Naoko (harudoful) posted on her blog last week about making us special facial tissue holders to commemorate our 5th Anniversary, we were surprised, happy, and humbled by her thoughtfulness.

And by YouTube mod Jess’s (rainthetreasure) thoughtfulness as well, as she included her fan artwork along with Naoko’s to make the gifts extra-special. ❤ ❤

Still, when the real thing arrived—all the way from Japan!—I wasn’t as prepared to see it as I thought I was.

We are stunned at the amazing amount of workmanship that Naoko put into these gorgeous tissue holders! And what woman’s heart isn’t melted by getting a sweet treat from Frantz Kobe to boot? Wahhh.


Naoko and Jess, we can never put into words just how much we love our anniversary gifts. Suffice it to say they will never leave our desks! Except for the sweets, of course. Ha ha 🙂

In fact, we want to thank each and every CUSA staffer, Cloud sister, and Rain fan for the greetings, cards, holiday and birthday tokens, everything you all have thoughtfully sent to us each year. We may not get to say so because of our crazy schedules, but every single thing has brightened our days, made us smile, and helped us fight the good fight for Rain and Clouds because we know that you care. That means a lot.

Group hug, everybody! Sincerely and on Terri’s behalf~

Stephe ^@@^




~ by Cloud USA on February 1, 2015.

6 Responses to “[fan art] From Stephe’s desk: Every time I grab a tissue now, it’ll Rain. :)”

  1. What lovely gifts. So nice and thoughtful. SMILES………………


  2. They are beautiful gifts. You can see the time, care ,and love that went into making them.


  3. Très beau cadeaux !!
    Merci pour le partage


  4. Very nice 😎


  5. Nice, so very nice, enjoy your gifts and congratulations. Thanks for sharing Stephe


  6. That good gifts, congratulations thanks for Share.-


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